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Meet 01 September 2023 Written Update: Sumeet exposes Raunak

Akshada Bhatkar

September 13, 2023

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Sumeet dashes inside the gorilla’s cage to save Shlok, shocking everyone. Priyanka devises a plan to stop Pankhudi from meeting Raj. Sumeet proves that Raunak is just pretending to be mentally ill.

In the previous episode of Meet, Priyanka learns about Pankhudi’s messages to Raj and she decides to stop her from meeting Raj. Raunak fools Sumeet into executing his plan against Shlok. He shoves Shlok inside the gorilla’s cage.

In the latest episode of Meet, Sumeet witnesses the gorilla overpowering Shlok, and fear grips her heart. The gorilla ruthlessly scratches and punches Shlok, inflicting wounds and pushing him to the brink of unconsciousness. Raunak taunts Sumeet, brimming with confidence that Shlok is on the verge of demise, while Poonam and Dadi faint, unable to bear the torment Shlok endures. Rajeev urgently contacts the animal authorities about Shlok’s dire condition but learns that they won’t arrive for an hour. Sumeet, driven by her fear for Shlok’s life, invokes Devi Maa and grabs a shovel to break the cage lock, despite Raunak’s discouragement. With unwavering determination, she successfully shatters the lock, revealing that the cage has an electric lock. Undeterred, Sumeet uses a stick to open the cage’s gaps, further infuriating Raunak. She enters the cage with a lit torch, and the crowd and the Chaudharys plead for her not to do so. Sumeet attempts to scare the gorilla away, but it strikes her hand, causing her to drop the torch into the water. The gorilla injures Sumeet, leading to her fall, but she retaliates by throwing dust into its eyes, partially blinding it. Sumeet manages to secure the gorilla, pull Shlok to safety, and lock the cage, earning applause from the crowd. Meanwhile, Pankhudi, wearing the dress Raj had sent, faces Priyanka, who douses her with a trash bin’s contents to sabotage her meeting with Raj. Back in Shlok’s room, Sumeet tends to his wounds while Poonam and Dadi prepare milk and medicine. Raunak, from upstairs, shatters the glass of milk with a catapult and flees, with only five hours remaining in his sinister plan. Shagun calls Raunak, urging him not to proceed, while Raunak agrees. Later that night, Raunak encounters the real gorilla and confesses that he has been feigning madness, admitting his intent to have Shlok killed. As the Chowdharys realize Raunak’s deception, Shagun arrives, understanding that Sumeet has outwitted her once again, leading to Sumeet’s triumphant smile.

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