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Malaika Arora Clearly Looks Frustrated With The On-Going Covid 19 Scare; Expresses Her Concern With THIS Desire – FIND OUT


January 12, 2022

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After her beau and his family members and her friends got contracted with the virus, Malaika Arora is sacred and expressed her feelings to take this safety measure and keep herself protected from this scary virus

In India, booster doses of the covid-19 vaccines are now widely available and adults are referred to get the extra dose of the booster vaccine. Famous Bollywood actress Malaika Arora who tested positive before some days is now ready to take her booster dose.

Recently, she shared a story on Instagram that she is duo vaccinated and waiting for a booster dose. She is one of the actresses who is known for her healthy life and fitness. The actress regularly goes to the gym even after completing the 48 years of her life and keeps herself fit and healthy. She is an inspiration for her fan-followers. It’s a significant thing that she used to set the right example and urge followers to do the right things. The main reason behind sharing the post is to wake people from this crucial situation and tell them to get vaccinated by a booster dose.

The story shared on Instagram is originally posted by her friend Preeta Sukhtankar. Malaika is looking gorgeous in that story. She is making a peace sign and also grinning. She is looking amazing wearing a red floral top. Her friend also mentioned that the beauty queen is double vaccinated. Replying to the story, Malaika added that she is waiting for her booster dose.

Malaika often comes with a post about her fitness and health. She always takes care of her health as she is also considered a fitness model in the Bollywood industry. She always finds jumbling for healthy food and healthy life. Recently, she also posted a video doing the Yogasan. At the end of the post, she listed the step-by-step process of Yoga san she was performing in the post.

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Malaika is well-known for her on-again, off-again relationship with actor Arjun Kapoor. They have been together for more than three years. They finally came out in the open about their relationship after keeping it a secret for so long. Several times in the past, the couple has bravely addressed questions about their age difference.

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