Majha Hoshil Na: From Dada Mama To Birajdars, How The Dapoli Subplot Will Change The Chemistry Between These Characters

The Dapoli subplot in Majha Hoshil Na has surged the level of excitement among the viewers and has also kept them guessing how the drama will unfold ahead.

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December 20, 2020



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Most of the romantic dramas on TV focus only on the main characters and their chemistry. The story revolves around their characters and that becomes monotonous after one point. However, popular Marathi TV show Majha Hoshil Na has managed to break this typical pattern. The focus equally lies on its supporting characters and that’s among the biggest merits of this show.

This blend of a relatable storyline and interesting characters is what keeps the viewers glued to their screens. Recently Majha Hoshil Na created a wave of excitement among the viewers with its new Dapoli special episodes. Viewers are looking forward to what will happen next in Aditya and Sai’s life and if they’ll ever confess their feelings for each other. 

Aditya and Sai are getting along and we can assume that this will be the beginning of their romantic chapter. But their romance would definitely lead to further consequences. So here’s taking a look at how this Dapoli subplot will shape the equations between all these characters.

Dada Mama

A still from Maza Hoshil Na
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Obviously, Dada mama is one of the most important characters on the show. He wants Aditya to get married to Meghna. But if Aditya confesses his feelings for Sai, it would come as a shocker for Dada mama. He’ll either approve their relationship or disapprove it completelysche, giving rise to further complications.


A still from Maza Hoshil Na
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Suyash who’s trying his best to woo Sai for all the wrong reasons will definitely plot new schemes after realising her relationship with Aditya. He’s one of the characters we will often see in the upcoming episodes. He will make sure that Aditya lands in all possible troubles.


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Sindu is one of those characters whom we understated after a few episodes. But you never know she may come out as a surprise in the storyline after knowing the recent happenings in the Brahme family. She already despises Aditya and blames him for her recent condition. She’s also unaware of Aditya’s past, realising which would make her hate him even more. 


A still from Maza Hoshil Na
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The Birajdars i.e Sai’s parents are quite interesting characters on the show, especially Mr Birajdar who is very protective of his daughter. His character has a comical undertone which makes him one of our favourite characters. He would definitely create more problems for Aditya after he gets to know about his relationship with Sai. 

Well, let’s see how Aditya and Sai deal with all these probable problems ahead.

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