Majha Hoshil Na 16 January 2021 Written Update: Meghna’s behavior annoys Aditya

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January 15, 2021



4 min


In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Sharmila tells Sai about married life. Suyash takes Sai to Aditya’s home and gets engaged again before everyone. Hearing Bhai Mama’s questions, Sai sets out to leave in a hurry. Just then, Meghna’s sudden arrival shocks everyone.

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In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Meghna tells everyone that she has come to shift to Bramhes’ house permanently and enters the house. Furthermore, she goes to meet Appa. Meanwhile, Bhai Mama and Pintya Mama urge Sai to meet Appa before leaving. When Meghna enters Appa’s room and introduces herself as Aditya’s fiancee, the latter lashes out at her and threatens her with a knife. Although Meghna too tries to threaten him, Appa refuses to budge and asks her to leave. Just then, Sai enters and Appa greets her warmly leaving Meghna furious. As Aditya too comes behind the ladies, Meghna pretends to be scared and holds onto Aditya coyly. As Sai approaches Appa, Meghna cautions her but seethes in anger when Sai successfully manages to placate Appa and take the knife from him. Furious, Meghna storms off and Aditya follows suit.

Later, Meghna pretends to cry in order to gain sympathy and creates a scene. While Suyash enjoys the scene unfolding before him, Sai comes out and bids everyone goodbye. After Sai and Suyash leave, Meghna reveals the reason for her arrival and leaves everyone stunned as she states that she has sneaked out of the house without telling Kashikar. Just then, Dada Mama gets a call from a panicked Kashikar who tells him that Meghna has gone missing. Soon enough, Dada Mama informs him that Meghna is at his house and asks him to come to Mumbai. Furthermore, Dada Mama tells him that they will get Aditya and Meghna engaged soon. Later, Meghna tries to entice Aditya by behaving coyly and asks him to say I love you.

On their way back home, Suyash talks to Sai about going to the registrar’s office the next day to get a marriage date and declares that they will get married within 5-6 days. He then insists Sai to profess her love for him. Back at Bramhes’ house, Aditya’s uncles ask him to sign on the official documents and tell him that there are a few FDs which they need to withdraw to arrange money for his wedding. As Aditya prepares to sign the papers, Meghna intervenes and subtly hints him to read the documents before signing. Later, irked with Meghna’s behaviour, Aditya rebukes her. However, she again sheds crocodile tears and puts up an act. When Aditya inadvertently utters Sai’s name instead of hers while trying to placate her, she reproaches him and leaves.

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