Looking For Some Laughter? We Suggest 6 Amazing Skits In Adhirindi By Chandra Challengers

Sneha Bale

April 10, 2020


1 min

The struggle with not liking his wife

Stretch your facial muscles because it’s time to laugh out loud. No matter how boring the quarantine is going on, it is important to have something that makes you laugh and smile. Today, let’s take some time out and enjoy this hilarious skits in Adhirindi, by the pro comedian Chadra and his team. Let’s start with the opening act of the show.

One will fail to find words at how simply and interestingly Chandra manages to display the dichotomy of men’s brain – why does he like my wife and why doesn’t he like my wife? Find answers in the skit.

The desperate widow

Chandra turns into an old lady, who is also a widow. But music gets the best out of her and even brings back her to old desires. Companionship, she calls it and craves for it. How will her husband react to this desperation while watching over her from the photo frame hung on the wall?

The deaf wife

By now, we know Chandra’s favourite genre of comedy is showcasing the struggles of married men. In this skit, he showcases the struggles of a man married to a woman who is not only rude, but also deaf. How does that affect him?

The demanding atta and the sassy kodalu

In this skit, Chandra is a new mother-in-law. She loves her son, but she loves her authority more. She explains the rules, regulations and her importance in the house. But the newlywed daughter-in-law is as smart as the atta. She finds a way to ask questions which shut her atta up. But how will the atta deal with kodalu who doesn’t massage her ego?

The curious case of a forgotten classmate

This one has to be our most favourite! A sequel to his previous skit, this one is all about how Nagaraj still does not recall who Chandra is. There are numerous slaps, unnecessary beating and hilarious punches.

Failed attempts at fishing for compliments

Finally, we have the final act of Chandra Challengers that will win your heart. We all have had moments when we hope for compliments, but fishing for them? Watch Chandra do it – to a point where people get annoyed of him.

You can also watch other episodes of Adhirindi here or read about it. You can also get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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