Lockdown Talks With Ravi Highlights: Meghna Lokesh, Tulasi Yerra And All The Fun They Had

If you missed all that happened on Anchor Ravi’s show, Lockdown with Ravi, here’s your moment to catch up on all the fun and gup.

Sneha Bale

May 28, 2020


3 min


Anchor Ravi managed to find more ways than one to keep us entertained even when we’re locked inside the house. Apart from cooking delicious meals and sharing them with us, Ravi started a new show called Lockdown Talks With Ravi. On this talk show, Ravi connects with three celebrities from the television industry and indulges with them in fun conversations and games.

Watch the previous episode here:

Episode 3: With Meghna Lokesh, Harika and Priyanka

Lockdown Episode 3
Lockdown Talks With Ravi Episode 3

The third episode saw Kalyana Vaibhogam’s Meghna Lokesh along with Priyanka and Harika. Ravi explains about their personality as being starkly different. He welcomes them with unheard ‘rumours’ and makes fun of the girls. The girls also had a ball by cornering Ravi and making him the butt of their jokes. Meghna and Ravi were sweeter to each 0ther because they are each other’s co-stars from their first film, Idhi Maa Prema Katha.

Episode 4: Tulasi Yerra, Aishwarya Raj, Sindhura

Lockdown Episode 4
Lockdown Talks With Ravi Episode 4

This episode saw Aishwarya Raj of Ganga Manga fame with Tulasi Yerra of Maate Mantramu, and Sindhura. The ladies lifted each other up every time there was a moment of competition. Ravi tried impressing the girls with his astrological skills. But the girls caught up with his notoriousness and played along without melodramatic response.

Episode 5: Yash Master, Himaja, Chandana

Lockdown Episode 5
Lockdown Talks With Ravi Episode 5

This was by far our favourite episode. All three guests were pet-owners and they started off the episode with their pet-talks. In fact, Himaja even asked Yash master if his pet was a female because she was looking for a girl for her pet, Rio. Post that, the four of them went ahead and started with the games. If you think Ravi can crack bad jokes, you must wait for Himaja’s lame jokes, in this episode.

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