Laugh During A Crisis: Life Sahi Hai 2 Is A Perfect Feel-Good Series To Watch This Week

Janhvi Sharma

March 24, 2020


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1. The show taught us a powerful mantra 'Life Sahi Hai'

Amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID-19, Government has announced for social distancing and self-quarantine. During this tough time, one has no choice but to spend quality time with families by watching a light-hearted comedy. Life Sahi Hai is a new age comedy web series which is on ZEE5 channel. The web series is produced by Luv Ranjan and Ankur Garg under their company named Luv Films. The story of the sitcom revolves around the lives of four guys who moved to Delhi to live independently. The show showcases how the guys fall into uncomfortable situations and have to deal with bosses, girlfriends and face challenging situations. Life Sahi Hai is available only on ZEE5 and is available for free this week. Be part of the #Jantacurfew and enjoy this series.

Watch the trailer of the show:

In the comedy bromance series, the boys who came from Delhi to live independently for the first time face several problems in their journey. The boys end up in challenging situations which they are only capable of landing themselves in. Despite having trouble in their lives, they believe that ‘Life Sahi Hai‘. The series has taught us that one will always have problems in their lives but instead of feeling bad or broken, one should recite the powerful mantra in life to never give up.

2. Freedom comes with a cost

The four guys teach us that freedom comes with a cost and teaches one and all the real meaning of freedom. Their freedom of staying independently comes with a lot of trouble and they teach us how to be happy while overcoming those troubles.

3. Friendship goes hand in hand

Despite facing several troubles in life, Amit, Jasjit, Sahil and Siddharth always stay together. Right from having problems in the office to in personal lives, the boys always support each other in odd times and their friendship has grown with time. Their bond showcases various shades of friendship.

4. To not push kids to fulfil parents' dream

In the web series the makers each us an important lesson which is needed in today’s time to avoid depression among kids. In an episode, a mother forces her son to be an IPS and sends her son in law to meet him. The son in law talks to Amit and tries to convince him to be IPS for his mother’s happiness. Later, Amit’s brother in law gets to know that he is not interested in being an IPS and tells his saas to not force anything on him.

5. New age moms

In the show, a mother gets to know about his son’s live-in partner. Instead of yelling or getting angry at the couple, she beams with joy. Siddharth’s mother is happy with them staying together in life in and likes the concept. Well, Siddharth’s mother teaches all parents to be cool enough especially in today’s era. Siddharth’s mother moreover passes sexiest jokes on the two and the former gets embarrassed. She gets the two engaged and tells them to get married soon.

So, have you seen Life Sahi Hai season 1 and 2? If not binge watch it right now and let us know which lessons did you learn from this comedy bromance?

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