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Kunj Anand: From An Envious Friend In Dark 7 White To A Loving Brother In Crashh, A Look At His Acting Range

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February 17, 2021

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Playing a loving brother, Kunj’s mature outlook shaped his performance in Crashh. And seeing the actor in the ‘good book’ made us recall his exact opposite role of Kush Lamba in the ZEE5 show Dark 7 White.

Actors often like to explore new shades of acting by accepting roles that are completely different from what they have played before. This not only makes their cinematic career interesting but also gives them new insights in shaping their art of performance. Though it is not an easy job to pull off exact opposite personas in different stories, many actors seem to have mastered their skills of donning new avatars. To give you an example, actor Kunj Anand has shown us tremendous range, morphing from one role to another.

ZEE5’s latest release Crashh is receiving great response from the masses as well as the critics and Kunj’s character of Kabir, a cop and an elder brother has impressed everyone. Playing a loving brother, Kunj’s mature outlook shaped his performance in the story. And seeing the actor in the ‘good book’ made us recall his exact opposite role of Kush Lamba in the ZEE5 show Dark 7 White.

So, here’s taking a look at how Kunj Anand essays contrasting personas in both these shows, treating us with his expressive acts.

Dark 7 White: An Envious Friend

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In this character-driven whodunnit, Kunj Anand’s character of Kush Lamba has different shades which are justified by his past stories. After overcoming the trauma of homophobia, he sets on to take revenge on his biggest rival Yudhvir Singh but after a series of events ends up befriending him. While everything seems to be on track, Kush changes all equations by reviving his revenge-seeking persona.

Kush’s impressive act and shift in his character during the pre-climax of Dark 7 White ends up leaving us with tons of surprises. He starts plotting plans against his so-called friend and to-be Chief Minister Yudhvir Singh.

Crashh: A Loving Brother

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Right from the first episode, with his emotional act, Kunj Anand’s character of Kabir leaves a mark on our hearts and minds. We feel an unexpected empathy towards him as he embarks on a nearly impossible journey of reuniting with his missing siblings. After a series of events, the Batra siblings get together without them being aware of the relationship they share.

Eventually, Kabir reunites with Kaajal, and the heartwarming moments they share while meeting after ages will definitely melt your heart. Also, during the climax when Kabir turns a saviour for Kaajal proves his love and care for his siblings.

Dark 7 White: Political Aspirations

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After befriending Yudhvir Singh, Kush gets driven by political aspirations as he gets well aware of the ‘power’ one holds being a part of politics. His political aspirations draw his evil persona in the story which becomes one of the crucial plot points of this whodunnit. Kush’s greed for politics and power lands him on the wrong side of the law, also making him one of the prime suspects of Yudhvir’s murder. Kunj’s epic portrayal of this dark character becomes one of the major aspects of this story.

Crashh: A Responsible Cop

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Essaying the exact opposite of his character in Dark 7 White, Kunj Anand’s matured persona in Crashh steals the show. Apart from playing a loving brother, he essays a responsible cop dealing with the world of crime. 

From a law-breaker Kush to a righteous cop Kabir, Kunj Anand definitely treats us with two different-yet-interesting personas.

Crashh is now streaming on ZEE5.


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