Kundali Bhagya Exclusive! Abhishek Kapur Confesses He Was Always Attracted To Anjum Fakih!

In this exclusive clip, Sammy of Kundali Bhagya reveals that he always had a crush on Srishti, along with other secrets. Watch video.

Kenneth Carneiro

March 29, 2020


2 min


Srishti and Sammy played by Anjum Fakih and Abhishek Kapur are one of the cuter couples on Kundali Bhagya. They make fun of each other and seem to not be affected by the drama going on with Karan and Preeta. They go against their families to be together and manage to do so without too much drama. Watch this funny behind-the-scenes clip where Anjum Fakih and Abhishek Kapur reveal each other’s secrets.

Abhishek Kapur clearly remembers the moment when he embarrassed himself and Anjum. He recounts for the camera the time when he fell down with Anjum while they were at the Zee Rishtey Awards. Abhishek doesn’t know where Anjum’s hometown is but guesses that it is somewhere near Mumbai. Anjum Fakih reveals that her hometown is in Ratnagiri and nowhere close to Mumbai.

When asked about things that attract them to each other, Abhishek reveals that he has been very attracted to Anjum since the first day on the show. She was warm to him and said nice things about him, comparing him to Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto. It was only later that he found out she is warm towards everyone. However, he doesn’t think Anjum is attracted to him.

Anjum says that she is attracted to Abhishek’s occasional sense of humour, the way he takes care of her, and the beauty spot on his right cheek. The clip ends on a cheesy note with Anjum kissing Abhishek’s right cheek. Tell us what you think about them as a couple in the comments below.

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