Kundali Bhagya 25 January 2021 Written Update: Karan catches Preeta’s lie

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January 22, 2021



5 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Kareena asks Preeta to apologise to Akshay before everyone. Akshay pretends to be okay about everything. Preeta does not utter a word, but Akshay’s mother steps ahead and forgives Preeta. She politely asks Preeta if she is fine with everything now. Kritika tries to pacify Preeta, who asks her if she trusts her. Kritika says that she believes in Preeta but there is no reason for her to not trust Akshay at the moment. Karan drops Srishti, Sarla and Janki home. Srishti thanks him for having faith in her. On the way, Karan recalls how he had suggested Preeta to keep away from Akshay. Rakhi talks to a coma-stricken Mahesh about feeling helpless while Kareena was scolding Preeta. Suddenly, Preeta arrives there and Rakhi apologises to her for being unable to defend her. Rakhi advises her to be careful before making any claims going forward. At the Arora house, Srishti bursts into tears while expressing how she is hurt due to Akshay’s false accusations. Sarla motivates her and worries about Preeta. Karan tells Preeta that he is not upset with her, but he is disappointed in her. Srishti recalls Akshay’s accusations and begins to cry. Sameer arrives there and calms her. They phone Preeta, who talks about a plan against Akshay. Megha meets Akshay and they discuss the success of their plan.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta tells Srishti and Sameer about her plan against Akshay over a phone call. They decide to follow Akshay all the time to get evidence against him. Akshay, unaware of all this, meets Megha and tries to woo her. He proposes Megha to be his lover and offers to support her with monetary benefits. She asks about Kritika and Akshay says that he is marrying her only for wealth. Megha accepts his offer and takes a leave. Akshay feels proud of himself after managing to crack the deal with Megha. The next morning, Srishti and Preeta follow Akshay in a cab but the cabbie does not follow their instructions properly. Surprisingly, Sameer arrives there with his car and offers them a ride. They being to follow Akshay and find him with Ruchika. They go and have some fast food, but a stranger comes there and tries to hug Ruchika. Askhay stops him, but avoids a scuffle and leaves with Ruchika. Srishti clicks pictures of their every movement on her phone. They visit a residential property and Srishti, Preeta and Sameer sneak into the house.

They find Ruchika and Akshay’s photo album and Preeta begins to click pictures of it. They decide to use it as a strong evidence to expose Akshay. Meanwhile, another female enters the house and Ruchika plays with a toddler. Sameer, Srishti and Preeta leave the house without letting them know about their existence. Preeta tells Srishti to get hard copies of all the pictures in their mobile phones. On their way to home, Preeta gets nervous on getting Karan’s phone call. She answers it after he frequently calls her. Karan apologises to Preeta for saying whatever he said last night. However, Preeta feels guilty about lying to him that she is at the Arora house with Srishti. Sameer yells at some car driver and Karan hears it during the call. A furious Karan disconnects the call, but gets upset on getting sure that Preeta was lying to him. At night, Preeta returns home and tries to talk to him. Karan quickly asks her about the lies and she tries to explain herself. Suddenly, Mahira arrives outside their room and eavesdrops on their conversation. Karan tells Preeta that he was feeling bad for whatever happened earlier. He mentions how Preeta’s lies have hurt him.

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