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Kundali Bhagya 15 February 2023 Written Update: Rakhi is shocked to see an unconscious Preeta


February 17, 2023

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Rakhi is shocked to see Preeta and Priyanka lying unconscious in a room. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Arjun, disguised as a Punjabi drummer, runs into Priyanka in a room. He remains unaware that Priyanka is trying to hide an unconscious Preeta from being seen by him. Meanwhile, Prithvi and Anjali perform marriage rituals mistaking each other for Preeta and Arjun. A disguised Arjun arrives there with a group of drummers as well as Shambhu’s recruits. He manages to get Prithvi to walk with Shambhu’s recruits to a room wherein Sherlyn is waiting for him. Prithvi, who is unstoppable, hits Arjun, which leads him to get a head injury. He pushes them all and leaves the room to marry Preeta. In the corridor, Sameer and Srishti manage to unlock the chest with a key maker’s help. They are shocked to find Kritika inside the chest. Kritika tells them about Prithvi and runs to stop the marriage, but everyone fails to believe her. She gets the groom to take off his headdress to prove that Prithvi had replaced Arjun.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Kritika struggles to get Arjun and Kareena to believe that Prithvi had rendered her unconscious and put her in a trunk. They Kritika to a room wherein Arjun reveals to her that she is right. Arjun explains how Sherlyn had brought him back to senses and then helped him bring Prithvi back to the room. Kritika feels at peace when she learns that Arjun had replaced Prithvi as the groom with Sherlyn’s help. Kareena, who had gone out to get water for Arjun, remains unaware of their discussion.

Kareena finds Kritika’s behaviour strange when she suddenly pretends that nothing had happened. They come out of the room to start the wedding rituals again. She apologises to Rakhi for her behaviour and thanks Arjun for his support. Meanwhile, Shambhu comes near the mandap and sees Priyanka talking to Anjali, who is disguised as Preeta. Shambhu and his recruits follow Priyanka and Anjali to a room. They knock at the door of the room and then abduct her mistaking her for Preeta. Priyanka lies unconscious in the room and Anjali is taken to Shambhu’s base.

Prithvi regains consciousness in a room wherein Sherlyn is sitting next to him. He lashes out at Sherlyn for foiling his plan and manages to convince her that he still loves her. Sherlyn falls for his lies that he wants to marry Preeta to gain her wealth for the both of them. At Shambhu’s base, he is shocked to learn that they have abducted Anjali. Anjali pays him INR 50 lakh and offers more money to take him to the Luthra Mansion and abduct Preeta. Rakhi goes to Preeta’s room and gets shocked to see Priyanka lying unconscious there. She helps Priyanka regain consciousness and then gets to an unconscious Preeta too.

What will happen next? Stream Kundali Bhagya premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5! Watch more stories on ZEE5News.

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