Kundali Bhagya 14 September 2021 Written Update: Preeta brings Sonakshi home to look after her

Sonakshi decides to defend Preeta against Sherlyn. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!


September 14, 2021

Kundali Bhagya

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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sonakshi keeps pleading with the Luthras to let her take Pihu back. She tries to explain that she cannot live without Pihu and says that she has given birth to Pihu. Preeta replies that Pihu has given birth to the mother in her. Kareena questions Sonakshi about the sudden change in her tone after learning that they have the right over Pihu. Soon, Kareena stops Sonakshi from completing her conversation and drags her out of the house. Everyone feels guilty when she keeps requesting Preeta to let her cuddle Pihu once. Girish goes out to hand over her purse and phone at the gate of the Luthra House. Preeta comes out to ask her to come back and cuddle Pihu. However, a car runs over Sonakshi, which leaves everyone shocked. Kritika comes running in the living room to tell everyone about it. They rush Sonakshi to a hospital but her deteriorating condition worries everyone. Mahesh decides to inform Yashvardhan and Karan goes to arrange the blood for Sonakshi. Prithvi arrives home and Sherlyn calls him to discuss the outcome of Sonakshi’s condition. Soon, Prithvi decides to call Rishabh to inform about this. Meanwhile, Karan runs into Abhay and Major, who arrange the blood for Sonakshi.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, everyone waits at the hospital to see Sonakshi recover. Kareena suggests everyone to return home as Sonakshi is not their family. Sarla and Kareena try to console Preeta, who feels guilty about Sonakshi’s condition. They remind Preeta that all of this is not anyone’s fault and this is just an accident. The doctor comes out of the operation theatre and reveals that Sonakshi has regained consciousness. Srishti and Kareena suggest Sonakshi not to talk to Preeta, but she avoids listening to anyone.

Sonakshi tells Preeta that she is sorry for whatever has happened. She requests Preeta not to tell Yashvardhan about her accident and the occurrence at the Luthra House. Preeta tries to calm her down and suggests her to talk to Yashvardhan as only he can take care of her. Sonakshi praises Preeta and asks for her phone to book a hotel room to keep Yashvardhan unaware about it. Rakhi notices Sarla going away and asks her if she is worried about something. Sarla tries to deny that she is worried, but Karan insists on telling them the truth. Rakhi and Karan calm Sarla after learning about her worries.

Kareena suggests Mahesh to leave for home along with the other family members. Karan gets upset after hearing Preeta request every one to take Sonakshi home to look after her. She tries to explain that Yashvardhan could take drastic steps if he learns about Sonakshi’s condition. Rakhi, Dadi, Srishti, and Sarla try to convince Preeta to let Sonakshi be on her own. Rakhi supports Preeta when she keeps telling everyone that they should help Sonakshi on human grounds. At the Luthra House, Sonakshi thanks Preeta for bringing her home. Sherlyn tries to talk to Sonakshi, who warns Sherlyn that she will always defend Preeta against her.

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