Kundali Bhagya 08 September 2021 Written Update: The Luthras are shocked to see Sonakshi return home

Sonakshi’s return to the Luthra House shocks everyone. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sarla and Srishti arrive at the Luthra house and introduce themselves to Pihu. Srishti keeps asking Pihu to address her as her maternal aunt and she insists her to dress up like Radha. Pihu surprises everyone by bringing Sameer close to Srishti and asking him to be Srishti’s Krishna. They both go and get dressed to celebrate Janmashtami together. Srishti and Sameer, donning the guise of Radha and Krishna, give an enthralling dance performance. Pihu insists on beginning the Janmashtami puja to break the pot full of cream. After the puja, Pihu gets sleepy, and Karan and Preeta argue over who will put her to sleep. Sarla tells Rakhi that Pihu’s arrival has changed the aura of the house. Rakhi praises Kareena for all her efforts behind making this happen. Kareena says that a lot of people may not like her but she always does the best for her family. In their room, Karan and Preeta argue over Pihu’s sleeping position. Karan calls Mahesh for help but Rakhi’s decision foils Karan’s plan. After Karan, Pihu and Preeta fall asleep, Sherlyn arrives outside the room for her evil plan against them.

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Mahesh wakes up in the morning and asks Girish for Pihu. He tells that everyone has been looking for Pihu after waking up. Dadi and Kareena arrive home and tell Mahesh why they had gone out early in the morning. Rakhi starts to make changes to the room for Karan’s children as per Pihu’s interests. She is surprised to see Sarla arrive there. Sarla and Rakhi discuss how Pihu loves to play with balls like her cricketer father, Karan. Kritika arrives there and talks about the positive change in Rakhi after Pihu’s arrival.

Kritika points out at Karan and Preeta’s banters, which makes Sarla and Rakhi laugh. They all prepare to go to Karan and Preeta’s room to meet Pihu. Sarla and Rakhi hesitate to enter the room, but Kritika insists to meet Pihu at the earliest. Soon, they wake up Karan and Preeta and they all get shocked to learn that Pihu is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Prithvi leaves from the Luthra House with a gunny bag and laughs at the Luthras.

Srishti gets shocked when Preeta looks for Pihu in the almirah. Sarla explains that probably she is playing hide and seek with them. Everyone looks for Pihu in the house and Srishti makes an amazing discovery in the kitchen. The Luthras breathe a sigh of relief after Srishti reveals the truth to them. Later, Karan and Pihu fight to eat an apple, and everyone says that Karan needs to grow up. On the way to somewhere, Prithvi stops the car and feels great to look at the property papers of the Luthras. He plans to keep it at his office and use it later against them. Dadi tells Sarla that she is sensing that something wrong is going to take place. Suddenly, Sonakshi arrives at the Luthra House, which leaves everyone shocked.

What will happen next? Stream Kundali Bhagya premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5! Watch more stories on ZEE5News.

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