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Kumkum Bhagya 30 December 2022 Written Update: Alia continues to lie


January 2, 2023

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No one can sever Ranbeer’s bond with Prachi, and he is aware that Alia and she were responsible for Mihika’s kidnapping, he tells Rhea. The goons that Aryan brings in reveal the truth about Alia and Rhea’s scheme.

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi tries to waste more time and avoid wedding rituals. Ranbeer, dressed as the groom gets Prachi to the Mandap and sits with her. Rhea, unbeknownst, tries to get the wedding done quickly. Sahana tells Aryan that Prachi and Ranbeer are getting married and to not tell anyone about it. Meanwhile, Siddharth tries to get Mihika to safety and the goons chase them. Rhea, meanwhile, gets Prachi to do the wedding rituals and she realises that it is Ranbeer, who is the groom and not Siddharth. The family members praise Prachi and bless her. Rhea gives her blessings as well and is astonished to see Ranbeer as the groom. He tells her that she needs to stay away from the two and she is out of their lives now. Rhea cries holding Ranbeer and Alia questions him about Siddharth’s whereabouts. Later, Pallavi shouts at Ranbeer as well and asks who in the family knew about Ranbeer sitting in Siddharth’s place for the wedding.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pallavi shouts at everyone and demands to know who knew about Ranbeer getting married to Prachi. Rhea throws a tantrum as well and mentions that she doesn’t believe the marriage to be true. Ranbeer tells her that she can believe whatever she desires but nothing can break the bond between him and Prachi. Alia tries to question Ranbeer as well, but he mentions that he knows that she has kidnapped Mihika. Siddharth escapes with Mihika and manages to defeat the goons. Back home, Rhea and Alia try to put up an act of innocence, but Sahana gives a fitting reply to Alia. She tries to slap her, but Prachi intervenes and holds her hand. Vikram and Daljeet feel that Alia and Rhea are nervous. Aryan walks in with the goons, who mention that it was Rhea and Alia who had ordered them to kidnap Mihika. Ranbeer tells everyone the truth and how Prachi saved everyone and made sacrifices. Rhea continues to put up an act and says that no one values her and goes to question the goons. The goons oust Alia and even present evidence.

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