Kumkum Bhagya 26 October 2020 Written Update: Aliya Tries To Kill Pragya

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October 27, 2020



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In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbir recalls all the things his parents said about Prachi and how his mom fainted after telling him to stay away from Prachi. Pallavi wakes up and asks about Ranbir. Dida tells her that Ranbir went to his room. Pallavi starts crying and says Ranbir has never talked to his parents the way he was talking today. She also blames Prachi for Ranbir’s behaviour. Dida tells Pallavi about Rhea’s friend telling her that Prachi threatened Rhea to take revenge. Mitali thinks about the phone call and thinks that Pragya couldn’t be the one calling on the landline.

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Mitali narrates the whole phone call incident to Aliya. Aliya asks Mitali whether the lady was informed about Abhi’s whereabouts. Mitali agrees that Pragya knows where Abhi is. Aliya rushes to the factory so that Pragya doesn’t meet Abhi. Mitali tries to figure out the person behind the phone call. Pragya takes a taxi to go to Abhi’s factory. Aliya tries to find Pragya on the factory route. Abhi talks to the manager and tells the drug inspector that he would cooperate with them. Abhi thinks about his meeting with Prachi and feels guilty for all the things he said.

He also recalls the last time he felt so bad, which was the moment when Pragya left him. Aliya thinks about ways to stop Pragya from meeting Abhi. Aliya collides her car with Pragya’s taxi and Pragya gets injured in the accident. Prachi talks about Abhi being a good father. She also says that he loves Rhea a lot and that is why he was affected when Rhea tried to kill herself. Prachi also wishes that she would have been Abhi’s daughter. Sarita tells her to stop finding her father in Abhi. She also tells Prachi that she would be more upset if she would try to find her father in Abhi. Prachi feels bad that she has lost Abhi forever. Ranbir recalls all the good moments he had with Prachi and gets worried while thinking about how his mom wants him to leave Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya
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Dida consoles Ranbir as he tells her that no one understands what he wants. He tells Dida that he loves Prachi and wants to be with her. Dida asks Ranbir to answer everybody that he loves Prachi and Rhea was always a friend. Pallavi listens Ranbir talking to his Dida. Pallavi tells Ranbir that he should forget Prachi forever and also tells him that if he wants to call her mother then he should forget Prachi forever.

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