Kumkum Bhagya 12 November 2020 Written Update: Sanju abducts Prachi

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November 11, 2020



2 min


In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Pragya have an emotional conversation. Alia comes up with a plan to get rid of Prachi and calls Sanju to the party. Meanwhile, Aryan clears Ranbeer’s misunderstanding, who later confronts his parents.

Watch what will happen next on Kumkum Bhagya:

In the next episode of Kumkum BhagyaRanbeer begs and pleads with his family to not force him to marry Rhea, but Daljeet’s health worsens, and Pallavi and Vikram throw him out of the room. A devastated Ranbeer weeps in solitude. Unaware of what is going on with Ranbeer, Prachi consoles him and promises to be always by his side. Ranbeer resolves to fight for his love. Meanwhile, Alia tries to provoke Sanju by comparing his love to Ranbeer’s and helps him with his disguise. Sanju plans to abduct Prachi and take her to Hoshiarpur.

Abhi is extremely pleased to hear from Sarita Ben that Pragya loves her husband very much and isn’t interested in anybody else. Later, he cuts his hand and Prachi lovingly chides him for being careless. He tells her that she is very similar to her mother, but Pragya interrupts their conversation. Abhi expects that she would tend to his wound, but she hesitates as she feels the walls around her crumbling. A hurt Abhi leaves in a huff.

Pallavi asks Ranbeer to change his clothes as he has to perform the Ravan Dahan. Sanju stuffs an unconscious Prachi in a sack, but Sarita Ben gets suspicious of him. She tries to follow him and calls Prachi. When the phone rings from the sack, she realises the truth. What will happen next? Stream Kumkum Bhagya premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5 Club Pack! Avail exclusive films, ZEE5 Originals, and Later, series at just Re 1 per day!

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