Kumkum Bhagya 02 September 2021 Written Update: Prachi and Pallavi fall prey to Rhea’s conspiracy

Rhea turns Pallavi against Prachi amidst Janmashtami preparations. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Tanu thanks Abhi after accepting the money from Sushma. Alia and Tanu ask Abhi to come home with them but he reminds them that he belongs to Pragya since he signed the agreement. Tanu and Alia, while leaving with the money, tell him to beware of Pragya. Abhi playfully tells Sushma that he will address her as his mother-in-law and asks her to make arrangements for ‘Griha Pravesh’. She walks away when he questions her about meeting Pragya. Abhi plans to find out the truth behind the change in Pragya. Pragya calls Prachi and tells her that she has brought Abhi home. Abhi holds Pragya’s hands and walks into the house together ritually. However, he secretly wants to punish Pragya for her actions that were hurtful as per him. Abhi and Pragya recall their past when they banter over sharing the bed. Sushma tells Abhi that he doesn’t have to be Pragya’s real husband in the house. A neighbour in the locality teases Tanu after seeing her with a suitcase, which begins a scuffle. Alia stops Tanu when the situation gets out of control and reminds her that they have to take care of their bags full of money first.

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Alia and Tanu arrive home with bags full of money. Mitali is stunned to learn about the money and tries to open it. Tanu stops her from opening the bags to see it after recalling a past incident. Mitali and Alia laugh at Tanu, who says that she will use the money to buy the entire chawl. Alia reminds her that she can use the money to get rich again and defeat Pragya.

Daljeet convinces Pallavi to hand over the house keys to Prachi to make arrangements for ‘Janmashtami’. Pallavi hesitates to do so and explains that it would be unfair to Rhea. Rhea eavesdrops on their conversation and loses her temper after learning that Pallavi has agreed to hand over the keys to Prachi. An infuriated recalls the statement that the house is under the control of the woman who has the house keys. Her anger levels up when she sees Prachi with Ranbeer in the living room.

Gaurav arrives at Pragya’s house and misbehaves with Sushma the moment he enters the house. Sushma wishes to slap him when he says that she should have done something for Pragya’s lonesome life. She proudly tells him that Pragya’s husband will give him a befitting reply. His laughter vanishes in no time the moment he sees Abhi walking towards him. He recalls the incident wherein Abhi had thrashed him. He wonders how Abhi, who is Pragya’s husband, can be her husband. Abhi tells Gaurav that Pragya means the world to him and he can be anything for her. He asks Gaurav to leave and insults his lawyer in this process.

Rhea dips a huge cotton ball into a bottle of ghee and secretly spreads it on the floor to hurt Prachi. Unaware of this, Pallavi and Daljeet come down the staircase to hand over the keys to Prachi. Suddenly, Pallavi steps a foot on the ghee and hurts herself after falling on the floor. Prachi presumes that it is her mistake and apologises for it. Ranbeer and Pallavi scold Prachi and call her incapable of managing huge responsibilities. After they all leave, Rhea pretends to be nice to Prachi and tries to turn her against Ranbeer.

What will happen next? Stream Kumkum Bhagya premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5! Watch more stories and updates on Kumkum Bhagya here.

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