Krishnakoli 3 September 2021 Written Update: Shiba helps Nikhil leave unnoticed

Shiba somehow manages to help Nikhil making him leave the house unnoticed.



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In the previous episode of the Zee Bangla show Krishnakoli, Shinjini finds a window grill open and suspects there is an intruder in the house. She finds Shyama’s bedroom light on and enters her room but finds Shyama sleeping. However, the smell of a male perfume makes her believe someone was there. Ashok asks Shyama how she did not notice that someone came to her room.

In the latest episode, everyone searches the house and the garden and says they did not see anyone. Meanwhile, Alok comes and says someone seems to be in Sujata’s room. He says that probably Arun and Papiya are there, but Dodo confirms that his parents are in their own room.

Aniruddha says that she may be sleeping with the room locked. But Alok says Sujata is not strong enough to lock her door by herself and casts doubt in everyone’s mind. Everyone begins to worry if the intruder went to Sujata’s room and rushes to check.

As they run up the stairs, Shyama pulls Shiba aside and tells him that Nikhil has come and is with Sujata. She asks him to do something so that no one gets to know Nikhil was here. She tells him to get Nikhil out of Sujata’s room without being noticed.

Shiba assures her he will take care of it and goes outside. Shiba gets Nikhil out before the others reach there and hides him in a room. Shiba tells him that Alok told everyone that Sujata’s door is locked, and everyone has gone to check if Sujata is alright. Nikhil says that fortunately, he unlocked the door before leaving.

Shiba tells Nikhil not to leave the room as it is possible that they search the garden after they find that the intruder is not in Sujata’s room. Nikhil asks him to leave before anyone suspects him. Nikhil tells him that Shyama was right to trust him and asks him to always stay by her side.

Nikhil gives Shiba the card of a man and tells him that when he goes to Varanasi he must get in touch with him. He tells him that the person is not just anyone and would have information about `chachi’ who informed Shyama about her son. Nikhil says that the man would probably know who kidnapped `chachi’ too.

Meanwhile, when everyone goes to Sujata’s room, they find the door unlocked. Sujata tells them the door probably got jammed as the monsoons are on. Aniruddha and Dodo feel they are probably mistaken about the intruder, but Shinjini gets suspicious when she sees Shyama and Sujata exchanging knowing smiles.

While everyone is still in Sujata’s room, Shiba checks if the road is clear and helps Nikhil exit.

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