Khasma Nu Khani: This character might be the newest member of Desho’s task force!

Deshpreet might get someone’s help in her business. Read on to know who could be the newest addition to Deshpreet’s alliance.


August 31, 2020


3 min


Khasma Nu Khani‘s Deshpreet (Harsimran Oberoi) is a lady with a noble heart. Even after getting betrayed by her husband, Arman (Navdeesh Arora), Deshpreet cares for him. She respects her in-laws and considers them a priority. Deshpreet starts a tiffin business to become independent after Arman leaves her. She gets the support of her well-wishers, who call themselves Desho’s Task Force!

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Desho’s task force

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Deshpreet has a small but trusted team that manages her business. Desho’s Task Force is formed by Shivam (Mridun Taksh), and the core members of this force are Tarunpal’s (Gurpreet Maan) wife Ginni, Jolly (Sukhpal) and Parminder, and Maya (Onika Maan). However, we think that there is one more suitable candidate left to join. We think the newest member will be Arman’s boss, Omkar (Vikas Neb)!

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Yup, Omkar might be the one who will push Deshpreet to do well in her business. Omkar gets promoted and transferred to a new place, and he recommends Tarunpal to take over his position, leaving Arman furious. This cool boss is a fan of Deshpreet’s food. Do you remember how did he give a strong reply to Simple at his farewell party? So there is the chance that he will help Deshpreet.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Well, we have something that confirms Omkar’s involvement with Deshpreet. Vikas Neb recently shared a few BTS photos. Have a look.

Source: Facebook

Omkar is standing with Deshpreet and they are holding a cheque. Ab toh aapka shaq bhi paka ho gaya hoga. Well, let’s wait and watch. Omkar’s presence will definitely help Deshpreet. What do you think about it? Share this story with your friends and let us know!

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