Karna Sen’s Character Is Very Different From Dhrubo’s, Says Actor Krushal Ahuja

After Ranu Pelo Lottery, the actor is back with his next, a love story, Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay. Read to find out.

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December 17, 2019


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There’s more entertainment for you on ZEE5. The latest Bengali TV serial, Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay (KKBT), a refreshing love story, just started airing December 16 onwards, Monday to Friday, 10 pm. Along with a fresh concept, the Bengali serial also features a fresh pair – Swastika Dutta and Krushal Ahuja, who play Radhika and Karn. Radhika is a fashion designer whose fiancé goes missing the night before the wedding. She meets Karn, who is in the garments business, when she goes to work for his company. We caught up with Krushal, who we have earlier seen as Dhrubo in Ranu Pelo Lottery, to find out all about his role in KKBT, his idea of love and more. Read on.

Q. This is your second stint with Zee Bangla. How was the experience of Ranu Pelo Lottery?

A. I had a good experience working in Ranu Pelo Lottery. Initially I faced some issues because I was in Mumbai for two years, so my fluency in Bangla had gone down. But then I got involved with my character and the problem was solved. My director was very helpful, because of him I got confidence and learnt a lot. And it is with that experience and confidence that I am doing Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay.

Krushal Ahuja (Source: Instagram)

Q. Tell us a bit about you.

A. I was born in Uttar Pradesh. But when I was six-months-old, my father moved to Bengal for work. So, I am brought up in Kolkata. At home I speak in Hindi but outside with friends, I speak in Bangla. And I prefer talking in Bangla so that my language gets better. Yes, I need to improve and I am trying, but my Bangla is better than before. Since I am brought up here, speaking in Bengali has never been a problem. Yes, earlier I couldn’t read in Bengali but now I can do that too.

Q. So you are a Kolkata boy?

A. There’s a place called Boral. I used to stay in a place near Boral. My father worked there. Then he started a business, and by god’s grace, it clicked. I was there till class five. In class six, I shifted to Mahamayatala in Garia. I studied in BD Memorial Institute till class 12. After that I studied in Ashutosh College. There was a ‘Fresh Face’ contest organised by a media house in 2013, I won that and went to Mumbai to represent Kolkata. Gradually my interest grew. In class 12, there was a movie called Dolna which was being shot in our school. I was a part of it, standing in the crowd, like it happens normally. I loved it. Then I went to Mumbai and did a diploma in acting from Anupam Kher’s acting institute. I started giving auditions and did a short film with Sushmita Mukherjee. I also did a web series which hasn’t released yet.

I also did modelling. So I thought I should try for the Mr. India contest. I was the first guy from Kolkata to reach the top 8 as a finalist. Then I thought I should come and work in Kolkata since my parents are also here. I gave auditions and got a call for Ranu Pelo Lottery. I got the lead character.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomaye
Krushal and Swastika in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay (Source: ZEE5)

Q. What made you sign up for Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay?

A. People had been saying Ranu Pelo Lottery would run till November or December. So I thought I would take a month’s break because serial means shooting every day and hectic schedules. I thought I would travel and go somewhere for 10 days to freshen my mind. But then I got a call from the production house, saying there’s a story, come and listen to it. I found the story to be quite interesting. It’s a love story. But it is very interesting content wise. Plus, I wanted to do a different character. Dhrubo’s character was very submissive, he was polite and understanding. But Karna Sen is a totally different character. So, I thought I would take a break later and agreed immediately.

Q. Do you relate to your character Karna Sen?

A. He is a business tycoon. There is no space for love in his heart. For him, love is work. He loves his mom because she understands everything about him. Otherwise, he is not interested in love. I do relate to the character. I think everyone has had some experience in life. I have also experienced such things somewhat like him. But I still believe in love because I think love is a beautiful thing. If a person is wrong or somebody is wrong it doesn’t mean you stop trusting. But then, money ekta chole ashe je bhalobasha kore ki hobe, shomoy noshto hobe, energy noshto hobe. It’s better I concentrate on work. And work will pay me back if you respect your work. But to some extent, 30-40% I can relate to Karna.

Krushal Ahuja (Source: Instagram)

Q. Are you fond of love stories?

A. I am but love stories which have good content. Basically, love stories people can relate to.

Q. Any memorable experience from the shooting yet?

A. The promo shoot in Darjeeling. The view was amazing. Our call time was at 5 a.m. We got ready and parked at this place in Lamahatta Eco Park. From there we had to walk for a kilometre upwards. We were very tired but when we went up, we saw the location was amazing. It was super cold. When the director was explaining to us, we were shivering and saying ‘Hyan sir, hyan sir’. But amader literally obostha kharap hoye jachhilo kepe kepe (laughs). But it was fun.

Q. Your definition of love?

A. Love according to me is unconditional. The best love is how your mom loves you. When you love someone, you shouldn’t expect anything. We should do it because we love them. I think love is pure, it is beautiful and next to God. It can change your world, which is very rare to find these days.

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