Kangana Ranaut Threatens To Unfollow Her Sister Rangoli; Says She Doesn’t Need Her In Her Life Anymore

Kangana Ranaut says that she would unfollow sister Rangoli Chandel on social media, saving her crores of rupees


September 13, 2021


2 min


Actor Kangana Ranaut believes that the South industry is a far harmonious and familial place to work as compared to Bollywood. The actor, whose film Thalaivii, just released, proclaims that Bollywood has much to learn from other language film industries. Kangana also opened up about how her frank opinions have landed her in trouble, due to which several times, she had to face financial penalties.


Reportedly, Kangana was asked about her political opinions and taking sides, something she gets heavily trolled for, on social media. Speaking about the same, she said that she has seen this across the country. If one talks about breaking up the country, no one finds any fault in that, but people are quick to blame when one thinks about reuniting it.


Mentioning the penalties she faced because of expressing her opinions; she said that her brands had abandoned her and terminated her contracts. She had faced financial losses in Crores, the Queen actress added.


Asked if she ever thinks twice about posting on social media, she said she doesn’t as she is pretty straightforward that way. Her approach to life is exactly how she is, and she’s not double-faced. She has only one face when alone and also when in public, she exclaims.


Quizzed on a popular chat show, Kangana was asked who she would like to unfollow on Instagram; she joked that she would like to unfollow her sister Rangoli to avoid any further controversies. She also took a dare from the show’s host to call out the last number she dialed; it turns out it was Rangoli’s, and the host prompted her to tell her sister that she does not want Rangoli in her life anymore, to which Rangoli added that she would still stay. Kangana then tells the host about her sister’s spirit.

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