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Kanala Khada: Tejashri Pradhan Opens Up About The Lowest Phase In Her Life

Rukmini Chopra

March 30, 2019

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The actress opens up about the struggles that she faced in her life and how she rose like a phoenix.

Aside from watching our favourite stars onscreen, we also like to learn about their personal life. Popular chat show Kanala Khada hosted by Sanjay Mone, luckily gives fans a chance to get to know their stars better. The serial hosts the big wigs of Marathi cinema and we recently saw actors Ashok Saraf and Nivedita Saraf gracing the show and talking about their married life, ups and downs etc. This week, popular Marathi actress Tejashri Pradhan will be seen on the show! The Hya Gojirvayna Gharat actress will discuss her journey and the time, where she felt the lowest.

Watch the latest episode of Kanala Khada here.

Tejashri discusses losing her identity among the social media noise that surrounds her, as well as other actors today. Watch the promo of the upcoming episode here.

The actress talks about how she witnessed the lowest phase of her life and took it up as a challenge instead of letting it bog her down. Tejashri adds that from now on, she takes every challenge head-on, instead of running away from it. Her pep talk is inspiring, wouldn’t you agree?

The actress went through a rough phase in 2015 where she got divorced from her husband Shashank Ketkar. But we are proud of how Tejashri held her own and emerged stronger than ever! What do you have to say about this actress? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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