Kamali: Rishi Discovers The Truth About Anika And Confronts Her About The Same

Check out what Rishi tells Anika about everything he has realised about her!


October 8, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Kamali, Govinda goes on to read the diary where Tara has written all about her feelings with regards to her family. She starts off by saying how marrying Ramesh was the best thing she has done in her life and the moment that makes her the happiest. She also writes to Ramesh about how much she loves him even though she has never expressed her love completely to him. She reminisces about the past to talk about how she accomplished all her goals in life and how he has always supported her with the same.

This week, Ambi is overwhelmed by everything that has been written in the diary and decides to go back to their house to give the diary to Tara again. The same day, Shambu and Ningi decide that it is high time Rishi comes to know about the truth. Shambu goes to Rishi’s house and tells him everything that Anika has been doing. Rishi, furious with Anika, decides to go to their house and confronts her. Tara notices them talking and calls Anika to tell her that Shambu has come to their house. Meanwhile, Ambi manages to slip into their house without anyone noticing. She sees the size of the house and decides to explore it a little more before she can return the diary.

Rishi confronts Anika

Later that day, Rishi goes to Kamali’s house and gathers everyone there. He tells Anika that he is aware of everything that she has done and is absolutely disappointed with her. Anika denies the fact that she has tortured Kamali and that she has told her to maintain distance from him. Ningi tells Rishi that Anika has taken Kamali’s phone away due to which she could not even contact him. Thaatha also reveals that when Ajji was sick, Anika did not let Kamali take her to the hospital.

Rishi tells Anika that it is very clear that she has tried to curb Kamali’s freedom. When Anika asks Kamali if she had actually done anything, Kamali says that whatever Rishi has said till now is true. Rishi also says that he has lost all respect for Anika and does not want to even be friends with her. He tells her that she has broken his trust time and again but there is no forgiving now.

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