Jothe Jotheyali Weekly Recap 25-31 Oct 2019: Aarya Calls Anu’s Feelings For Him Wrong

Last week, a heartbroken Anu is shocked when Aarya finally confesses to her that he heard her when she said she loved him!

Parinika Uchil

November 1, 2019

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Previously on Jothe Jotheyali, Anu, who is delighted when Aaryavardhan is asking her opinion on marriage, assumes he is speaking about the two of them. Meanwhile, Mansi, the wife of Harshavardhan, creates a ruckus about Aaryavardhan having control over everything.

However, even after he arrives there, Aaryavardhan doesn’t back answer to Mansi much, who accuses him of living the life in the city while keeping his family out of the way. The next day, Aarya’s mother talks to him about Anu causing him to confess that he has called to meet her but his intention is to convince her to get married to the man Pushpa chooses.

Afterwards, an excited Anu is shattered to tears when she learns what Aaryavardhan’s real intention was. In a reflex, she starts scolding him to stop pretending that there is nothing between them. Just as she is about to share her feelings, he walks away causing her to fall on the ground like an invisible force just pushed her. Anu is left crying inconsolably.

Let’s see if Aarya made up to Anu in the last week or not…

1. Subbu sends away Raghupati who tries to bribe them into a business proposition aka get Anu married to his son Sampath and take back the saree shop in his name

A Still Of Subbu Sirimane
Source: ZEE5

2. Then, he goes to look for Anu and finds her sitting all by herself

A Startled Still Of Subbu
Source: ZEE5

3. Upon probing into the matter, a heart-broken Anu tries to speak while tears stream down her face about how for middle-class people everything that is out of their budget is a luxury

A Still Of Subbu And Anu
Source: ZEE5

4. To cheer her up, Subbu comforts her by saying that she is destined to be with a handsome King and live like a queen

A Still Of Subbu And Anu In A Conversation
Source: ZEE5

5. Still, the next morning, Subbu finds Anu lost in her own thoughts as she is preparing to leave for work

Subbu And Anu In A Still
Source: ZEE5

6. To top it, Pushpa scolds Subbu for turning away such a good marriage offer for Anu despite it coming to their doorstep

An Annoyed Still Of Pushpa
Source: ZEE5

7. Subbu brushes away his wife’s taunts by saying that until Anu doesn’t agree to get married to Sampath, his hands are tied

An Angry Still Of Subbu
Source: ZEE5

8. That afternoon, Aaryvardhan is happy that his team is going out for a team lunch, he urges Jande and Meera to join them too

A Still From Jothe Jotheyali
Source: ZEE5

9. Soon, he realises that Anu is missing but one of the employees tells him that she has brought lunch and decided to eat that only

A Still Of Aaryavardhan
Source: ZEE5

10. Aaryavardhan, who finds Anu sleeping on her desk, asks the peon to send her to his cabin with her lunch box

A Collage Of Aarya And Anu
Source: ZEE5

11. He tries to be as innocent to the awkwardness between them and asks her to share his lunch with him

A Still Of Anu And Aaryavardhan
Source: ZEE5

12. A reluctant Anu gets worried when Aaryavardhan sees an empty box and rushes out of his cabin, embarrassed and hurt

A Puzzled Still Of Aarya
Source: ZEE5

13. The next day, Anu goes to the office early and is shocked to learn that Aaryavardhan hasn’t returned home and neither has he eaten food

A Still Of Peon And Anu
Source: ZEE5

14. She barges to his cabin and asks for an explanation

A Collage Of Anu And Aarya
Source: ZEE5

15. Aaryavardhan, slowly tells her that he heard her confession of love for him earlier but this feeling is wrong

A Sad Still Of Aarya
Source: ZEE5

16. As he is saying it, his eyes well up

An Emotional Still Of Aaryavardhan
Source: ZEE5

17. Meanwhile, Subbu, who picked a bone with his shop handler, goes back to apologise and retain his job but the latter gets furious

A Still Of Subbu At The Saree Shop
Source: ZEE5

18. From then onwards, the entire day Subbu goes hunting for jobs but is unsuccessful

A Tired Still Of Subbu
Source: ZEE5

19. Anu, who is at work, soon gets a shocking call from Pushpa that Subbu is nowhere to be found

A Worried Still Of Anu
Source: ZEE5

20. Without informing anyone Anu rushes out of the office, causing Aarya to land up at her house

A Still Of Aaryavardhan, Anu, Subbu And Pushpa
Source: ZEE5

21. He then scolds her about being irresponsible and is just about to sit when Raghupati and his wife arrive there

An Angry Still Of Aaryavardhan
Source: ZEE5

22. A while later, an angry Anu agrees to get married to whoever her parents choose for her, all while looking only at Aarya, who maintains a poker face

An Angry Still Of Anu
Source: ZEE5

Is Aarya going to stop this wedding? Or will he let the love of his life slip away? We’ll find out in the next week’s update, stay tuned folks.

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