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Jothe Jotheyali 12 April 2023 Written Update: Sharada Devi misses Mansi

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April 15, 2023

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As Sharada Devi struggles with her injury, she starts to feel lonely and misses Mansi and she would have looked after her and kept her company during her difficult times.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Mansi is shocked when she overhears Sanjeevani devising an evil plan against Anu and decides to seek Meera’s help to stop Sanjeevani.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Meera arrives at the location suggested by Mansi and is surprised when the latter arrives in an auto. They exchange gifts and Mansi’s changed behaviour surprises Meera. Mansi tells Meera about Sharada Devi being injured and her confusion about the strange things about their house. They talk about preventing Sanjeevani and her evil plans. Meera is surprised when Mansi states that they should keep Aryavardhan abroad and bring only Anu back home as he has blind faith in everyone, while Anu thinks rationally.

Meera and Mansi think of a way in which they will be able to convince Aryavardhan to send alone back home. Elsewhere, Sampath sends Anu a message about Ramya’s wedding fixed and how Ramya has put forth a condition that she will get married only after Anu’s return. Ramya tells Karunakar her annoyance about meeting in hiding and asks her to not meet her till Anu returns. Meanwhile, Mansi asks Meera to keep Aryavardhan busy with office work and only call Anu back. At that moment, Anu asks Meera to call her as she wishes to depart from the US the same day.

Back at home, Sanjeevani tries to reassure Aradhana who worries about her plan. Elsewhere, Anu calls Meera and talks about how they should have discussed more about the merger, and for the same, she is returning home alone. Anu also tells her about her suspicions regarding the merger and Meera asks her to be cautious of suspicious people. On returning home, Geeta tells her about Sharada Devi asking for her. Sanjeevani stops Mansi from taking food to Sharada Devi and asks her to serve food to her first and Mansi’s attitude annoys Sanjeevani. Furthermore, Sanjeevani sends Bhavana to call Anu for the meal. Sharada Devi struggles with her injury and loneliness and she thinks of calling Mansi back home. Mansi mistakenly addresses Sharada Devi as she regularly calls her and Sharada Devi rushes to the door but is surprised to find no one at the door and believes that Mansi is hiding to surprise her.

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