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Jothe Jotheyali 04 April 2023 Written Update: The occultist caution Pushpa

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April 15, 2023

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Pushpa is surprised when she suddenly comes across the occultist and the latter cautions her about an impending danger to Anu and Anu’s unborn child, leaving Pushpa worried.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Sanjeevani and Aradhana get annoyed when Sharada Devi decides to send Anu along with Aryavardhan and Aradhana on their business trip. Later, Sanjeevani gets angry when Bhavana comes home in a drunken state.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Sanjeevani is shocked when a drunk Bhavana confesses that she is in love with Harshavardhan and urges Sanjeevani to get her married to him. Sanjeevani tries to comfort her, while silently gloating about how everything is going according to her plan. Meanwhile, Mansi gets restless to see Harshavardhan and decides to call him via the landline. Elsewhere, Harshavardhan misses Mansi and looks at her picture. He grows confused when he gets a call from home and assumes that it is Sharada Devi.

Mansi feels relieved on hearing Harshavardhan’s voice. The next morning, the sudden arrival of the occultist surprises Mansi and the others. Sharada Devi slips and gets injured and the occultist’s strange riddle confuses the maid. Sanjeevani learns about Sharada Devi’s injury and rushes to her, but gets annoyed when the maids stop her from doing so. As she gets annoyed, Mansi tries to reason with her.

Sanjeevni tries to correct the mat on the stairs. Elsewhere, Pushpa is surprised when she comes across the occultist but the latter’s warning leaves her worried. Sanjeevani wakes up Bhavana and the latter laments her fate. Later, Bhavana questions her if she will help her get Harshavardhan. Meanwhile, Mansi is shocked when the maid Geeta tells her that Sanjeevani is responsible for Sharada Devi’s injury and Mansi too voices her suspicions and decides to stay there as a maid to learn Sanjeevani’s motive. Elsewhere, a worried Pushpa tells Subbu about the occultist’s warning.

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