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Jeet Ki Zid Review: Amit Sadh’s Show On A Kargil War Hero Is Highly Inspiring

Vatsal Thakore

January 22, 2021

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Jeet Ki Zid on ZEE5 is a seven-episode series based on the life of the Kargil hero Major Deependra Singh Sengar. It also stars Sushant Singh, Amrita Puri, Ali Goni, Mrinal Kulkarni, and Paritosh Sand

Jeet Ki Zid on ZEE5 is a seven-episode series based on the life of the Kargil hero Major Deependra Singh Sengar. The Major was hit five times in the war and was deemed medically unfit to walk again. From being bound to a wheelchair to getting back up on his feet, the show depicts the highly inspirational journey of Major Deependra Singh Sengar. Read on to know our review about this Amit Sadh starrer.

The show begins in Kashmir, with Major Deep in extreme training, trying to hold his breath underwater.  We see a montage of his past life and what keeps him motivated to push his limits. He is shown as an excellent officer with many records. Soon, he and his troop get a call from their superior that some terrorists are holding some civilians hostage in a nearby building. The superior, knowing Deep, asks him not to proceed but Deep goes ahead. He uses his presence of mind and successfully tackles the terrorists but gets injured. Later, we see his past story, about how he had lost his brother in Kashmir, while they were children, to the terrorists. That became his reason for joining the army. He is shown to have a stubborn and never-give-up attitude since childhood.

When he is in recovery, he receives the invitation for his best friend’s wedding. For the wedding, he runs away from the hospital with a catheter. Here, he meets Amrita Puri, who plays the role of Jaya, Major Deependra’s wife. Amit Sadh has given an absolutely amazing performance. His body language and his stance as the army man is too good. Amrita Puri and Amit Sadh’s chemistry seems natural and convincing. The show keeps transitioning between past and present, to keep us on the hook with why in certain events the Major reacts in specific ways.

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The background music of Jeet Ki Zid is consistently good. It sets the tone perfectly and keeps us in the mood of the situation very well.

Further, in the show, we see the Major’s zid to join the Special Forces in the Army, which is in the past. Here he meets his toughest mentor, Colonel Chowdhary, played by Sushant Singh. Colonel Chowdhary is shown as a very strict officer. He makes his cadets go through the harshest training. The show conveys that the harsh training of Special Forces is designed so roughly because if in case a soldier gets captured by the enemy and gets tortured, he has been prepared for it beforehand.

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Major Deep Sengar’s stubbornness to not give up and face all the challenges head-on is recognized by Col. Chowdhary, and because of that, he makes everything extra tough for him. Deep reveals his reason for joining the special forces is to end militancy in Kashmir, because of which he lost his brother in childhood. The personal moments of Major Deep are very well-conveyed by the show and you would be able to connect with them easily.

Amidst his recovery days, in the present, the romance between Jaya and Deep starts blooming. They connect by writing love letters to each other and those scenes are lovely. They also begin meeting and going out with each other, all while Major Deep is still in recovery. Soon, he proposes to her and they plan their engagement. However, that falls apart when the Kargil war begins. Major Deep takes it upon himself to fight in the war despite not being fully recovered. He is previously dismissed by his superior officer but Deep then convinces him, saying that he had been trained for a war like that one. Amit Sadh in Jeet Ki Zid conveys his determination to the audience very well.

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The scenes of the Kargil war are well-shot. The cinematography in the scenes is beautiful and perfectly captures the war environment. Also, the editing and sound mixing are great. The atmosphere of war is perfectly created. The actions sequences are also well choreographed and shot.

It is during this war that Major Deep gets badly injured. He gets shot multiple times by the enemy, which damages his organs. During his recovery scenes post-Kargil, when it is unsure that he will survive, the sorrow and strength are brilliantly depicted by Amrita Puri, Paritosh Sand (playing Deep’s father), and Mrinal Kulkarni (playing Deep’s mother). Major Deep survives but is told that he will never be able to walk again. From here on begins his frustration with life. Jaya decides to get married to Deep in the hospital itself, which uplifts everyone.

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Major Deep’s life starts spiralling downwards due to his frustration being wheelchair-bound. Amit Sadh has perfectly captured and shown his frustration. The audience will connect with his feelings with ease. Also, in these sequences we see Jaya’s turmoil, battling with the situation, Deep’s frustration, and life, every day. Amrita Puri has portrayed these things excellently.

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Then comes the moment when Jaya makes Deep realize that battles are not only fought physically. The regular world out there is also fighting daily battles, with their struggles of a job and feeding the family. She challenges Deep to clear the entrance exam for MBA and succeed in the corporate world. Deep takes it up and does succeed. However, after years of being a successful leader in the corporate world, his stress about his legs not working takes over again.

Here, even his best friend Surya (Ali Goni) is unable to uplift him. Jaya then approaches the only man who she thinks can do the job – Col. Chowdhary. After their conversation, Colonel inspires him and brings him back to his real self and his active life is exhilarating to watch. The show will make you want to get up and achieve your dreams.

The direction of Jeet Ki Zid is amazing. The director conveys the story with all its inspiration and emotions very well. The screenplay has also been written nicely. It won’t let you get bored at any point. The transitions between past and present are also nicely depicted.

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All the actors in Jeet Ki Zid cast have portrayed their roles perfectly. Ali Goni, Mrinal Kulkarni, and Paritosh Sand’s have excelled in their roles. Amrita Puri’s performance is applause-worthy. She has portrayed the emotions and strength of her character in such a nice way that you will connect to her in every scene. Amit Sadh’s performance is endearing. He has achieved a new level by playing Major Deep. He remains consistent in the character, throughout. And finally, Sushant Singh outshines everyone when he is on screen. This one is an absolutely brilliant performance by him. His body language, his dialogue delivery, and his expressions are on-point every time.

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Also, at the end of every episode, the real Major Deependra Singh Sengar and his wife, Jaya Sengar appear on screen to share an insight from their real-life regarding the incidents shown in the series.

With a highly inspiring story and being full of life, Jeet Ki Zid on ZEE5 is a must-watch.

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