Ishq Subhan Allah – 10 Times Kabir And Zara Drifted Apart Only To Come Back Together Much Stronger

Kabir and Zara have always quarreled and drifted apart only to come back together much stronger and happier!

Ankita Tiwari

October 1, 2020



3 min


Ishq Subhan Allah based on the Muslim community and their stringent laws is about to spin-off to an end. The show stars Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan as Zara and Kabir. #ZaBir’s romance and the drama that ensued in the show was loved by the audience. Eisha Singh was briefly replaced by Tunisha Sharma in the show. But ever since the actress returned people have been showering love for ZaBir. And now ZaBir’s story has finally headed towards an end. After Zara returned from her long exile, Kabir accepted her and they dissolved their differences. But before the show ends on a happy note, let us look back at these ZaBir moments when they almost separated only to return to each other.

In this video, we see Zara and Kabir indulge in a big fight over the difference in their opinions. Zara and Kabir fight over the sharia law and their views over it.

In this episode, Zara tries to reconcile with Kabir after their fight. But Kabir gives an ultimatum to Zara and tells her to listen to his laws. He also tells her that until she learns to follow his orders he would not accept her!

In this episode, Kabir and Zara argue about the use of Hijab in their religion. While Kabir is of the opinion that it is strictly necessary, Zara does not think so.

In this episode, Zara plans a party and forgets to cancel it despite being asked to. She also gets scolded by Kabir as he says that she is shaming his family by planning all the nonsense.

In this episode, we see how Zara confesses that she is not Nargis and everyone is shocked. Kabir berates her for lying and hiding all this time!

In this episode, Kabir tries to hurt Zara and he even shouts at her calling her anti-force creating negativity. Zara asks her father to call a meeting of the Shariah board.

In this episode, Zara burns her dress and says that she will never marry Kabir. This happens after Qazi advises Zara to re-marry Kabir after her long exile as Nargis.

In this episode, Zara calls Kabir – ‘Na mehram’ for her and rejects his proposal. She says that she cannot ever marry a man who has stopped to such low levels!

But after all of this drama, Zara and Kabir finally end up together. They marry each other and stay happily ever after! Check out all episodes of Ishq Subhan Allah on ZEE5!

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