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International Museum Day: 10 Characters Like Prithvi And Vibhuti Who Deserve A Place In The Museum

Shrudi Shyam

May 18, 2021

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Here’s enlisting some weird, quirky characters from Zee TV and AndTV shows that deserve to be kept in a museum.

A Museum usually holds interesting, peculiar things that are displayed for the common public to see. Well, who says only interesting things deserve a place in the museum? Why not put up a display of the weirdest and quirky characters and let people take a look at them. That’s exactly what we’re doing today. This International Museum Day (May 18), let’s take a look at some atrangi characters from Zee TV and AndTV shows, that should definitely be kept in a museum.

Prithvi (Kundali Bhagya)

While Prithvi (Sanjay Gagnani) is the leading antagonist of Kundali Bhagya, he’s not all that scary. The reason being his funny, weird personality. From wearing funky printed jackets to crying behind his unrequited love for Preeta (Shraddha Arya), Prithvi is surely a character that needs to be up on display.

Source: ZEE5

Shrishti (Kundali Bhagya)

Kundali Bhagya doesn’t lack when it comes to quirky characters. The bubbly Shrishti (Anjum Fakih) also joins in the list. While she’s fierce and protective of her loved ones, Shrishti also knows how to have fun. Her crazy ideas and funny antics make her a great choice for the museum.

Source: ZEE5

Vibhuti (Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!)

Can this man be any weirder? From liking his neighbour’s wife to going to great lengths for impressing her, Vibhuti (Aasif Sheikh) from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! is a total sample piece. At times he becomes a doctor, sometimes he’s a music maestro, and sometimes he even turns into a woman to impress Angoori (‎Shubhangi Atre). If this crazy man doesn’t deserve a place in the museum, we don’t know who will!

Source: ZEE5

Angoori (Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!)

Angoori (Shubhangi Atre) is probably one of the funniest, cutest and weirdest characters on TV. As Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! gained popularity, so did Angoori’s character. From mispronouncing easy words to being one of the most naive women on television, Anguri’s innocence makes her a perfect candidate for this list.

Source: ZEE5

Mitali (Kumkum Bhagya)

Kumkum Bhagya is usually all drama, but Mitali (Swati Anand) is one character who constantly adds some fun element to the scene. Although she’s been accompanying the antagonists of the show, we could never really hate Mitali due to her fun, quirky way of doing things. Whether it was getting scared of Abhi when he was mentally unstable, or trying to show her authority in front of ‘Gayatri’ and failing miserably, Mitali’s personality makes her truly one of a kind.

Source: ZEE5

Rani (Apna Time Bhi Aayega)

Rani (Megha Ray) should be kept in a museum and preserved for various reasons. She has single-handedly changed almost everyone’s life on Apna Time Bhi Aayega. She’s taught everyone to live life in the ‘Baliya’ style. Recently she was even washing clothes at a beach. Now doesn’t that make her worth preserving?

Source: ZEE5

Jai Singh (Apna Time Bhi Aayega)

Jai Singh(Samaksh Sudi) doesn’t seem like a prince from any angle. Right from the day, he entered Apna Time Bhi Aayega, he has done everything to get him in trouble. Recently he’s been turned into one of the Rajawat family’s servants and it couldn’t get funnier. Jai Singh would be a perfect fit for the museum.

Source: ZEE5

Jogi (Teri Meri Ikk Jindri)

From quirky clothes to mismatched shoes, Jogi (Adhvik Mahajan) from Teri Meri Ikk Jindri is a crazy character. And to top it off, his “velli baatein”, as Mahi (Amandeep Sidhu) says. Jogi is not just a funny, quirky guy but is also a gem of a character that needs to be preserved and kept aside in a museum for all the good reasons.

Source: ZEE5

Phirki (Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti)

Despite her mean tricks and constant support for Samaira (Sapna Thakur), Phirki’s weirdly funny demeanour always makes us laugh on Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti. She’s constantly awkward and always moving around like a buzzing bee.

Source: ZEE5

Bittu (Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai)

Bittu (Anup Awasthi) from Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai never gives up, no matter how many times he’s fallen flat on the face. His quirky schemes to get the Mirzas and Mishras never fail to crack us up.

Source: ZEE5

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