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Indian Pro Music League March 20-21 Episode Round Up: From Parineeti Chopra’s Attendance To Musical Faceoff, Everything That Happened In The Weekend Episodes

Tanvi Rumale

March 22, 2021

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UP Dabanggs vs Punjab Lions and Mumbai Warriors vs Delhi Jammers fought it out this weekend. Read to find out who performed what on Indian Pro Music League!

In the first innings, UP Dabbangs secured the second position with three points and the Punjab Lions trailed behind with n0 points to their credit. The Saturday episode saw the second league match between Up Dabbangs and Punjab Lions. UP Dabbangs won the toss and decided to perform first. All-rounder Amit Gupta took the stage for UP Dabbangs. Amit Gupta first got famous for his song ‘Radhe Radhe‘ and is known to be able to sing all kinds of songs!

Amit Gupta stunned everyone with his spell-bounding performance of the song ‘Teri Mitti’ and left the audience feeling very patriotic. The singer got a standing ovation from his team and his rival team for his tear-jerking performance as well! To retaliate, Punjab Lions sent one of their bests, all-rounder Divya Kumar for their turn. He gave a pumped-up performance with the song ‘Jee Karda’ that had everyone with their hands in the air!

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Hosts Karan Wahi and Waluscha welcomed actress Parineeti Chopra to the show who made a sweet entry in a red power suit. The actress made an appearance to talk about her film Saina which is a biopic on the National Badminton Legend, Saina Nehwal. In round two, Captain Ankit Tiwari graced the stage from UP Dabbangs. He performed ‘Lambi Judai‘ and made everyone sing along with his charming voice! Even actress Parineeti Chopra was visibly impressed with Ankit’s performance! Next came Rupali Jagga from Punjab Lions. Rupali performed the song ‘Maahi Ve‘ and even danced a little leaving everyone in awe of her stellar voice and looks!

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Later in round three, UP Dabbangs sent two female singers to the stage, Payal Dev and Rupam Bharnaria. The two performed the spell-bounding song, ‘Yaar Mera Titliyaan.‘ Rupam’s performance was greatly appreciated by all on both sides! Suresh Raina, the mascot of UP Dabanggs then celebrated 10 years of winning the World Cup for the country with everyone and even shared some of his experiences.

As the show had two celebrities in attendance, host Karan Wahi took the opportunity to invite Parineeti Chopra and Suresh Raina on the stage. A very interesting match ensued as Parieenti played badminton and Suresh Raina hit the shuttlecock back with a bat in hand!

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To combat Payal and Rupam’s performance came Asees Kaur and Shehnaaz and sang ‘Makhna‘ and ‘Ikk Kudi.’ Shehnaz’s singing left Parineeti awestruck and the actress couldn’t stop praising her performance! It is also common knowledge that Parineeti is a singer herself and has sung 2-3 songs of her own films. She later joined Asees Kaur to sing Teri Mitti from her film Kesari!

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For Round four, Punjab Lions sent Mika Singh and Rupali Jagga to perform Shah Rukh Khan’s hit song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya.’ To counter that superb performance came in UP Dabbangs’ Payal Dev, Salman Ali and Amit Gupta to perform Prabhu Deva’s hit song, ‘Muqabala‘!

For the face-off round, it was UP Dabbangs’ Salman Ali vs Punjab Lions’ Shehnaz.

March 20 episode- League Match Mumbai Warriors vs Delhi Jammers

The March 20th episode saw first place holders, Mumbai Warriors with five points and third place holders Delhi Jammers with three points fighting it off. It was the last league match of the second innings. Delhi Jammers won the toss but chose to go second.

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Mumbai Warriors all-rounder Mohammed Irfan began the first round and sang the song that gave him his big break, ‘Banjara‘ from ‘Ek Villain.’ Delhi Jammers sent their best man, Shabab Sabri from their side for the first round who took the stage by a storm with his, ‘Humka Peeni Hai.’

In round two, the whole team decided to sing as a way of celebration for being in the number one position! And they chose to perform ‘Deva Shri Ganesha’ for this stunning act! Delhi captain Neha Bhasin took it upon herself to fight round two in scintillating performance on “Deedar De Deedar Le.’

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In round three, Shilpa Rao and Rachit performed for the Mumbai Warriors. They chose the song ‘Kamli‘ and ‘Malang‘ for their performance. From the Delhi Jammers side, Priyanshi Shrivastav and Ankush Bharadwaj gave a soulful romantic performance with ‘Chori Kiya Re Jiya‘.

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In round three, Rachit Agarwal, Purva Mantri and Kailash Kher took centre stage with their “Tauba Tauba‘ performance which was equal parts entertaining and exciting! After the performance, the legendary singer Kher talked about his life’s journey and the struggle he had to go through to be who he is today. His story won many hearts and both teams, as well as the hosts, applauded him.

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To give it a fair competition, Sajid Khan and Ankush took the stage for round three. They made a stunning entry and sang the song ‘Main Hoon Don.’ At the end of the show, Shabab Sabri took up the challenge to face off with Padma Shri winner Kailash Kher and what a stunning performance it was! The person will the highest votes will win the faceoff. The voting lines for the same are currently open and you can vote for your favourite singer.

Keep voting and watching Indian Pro Music League.

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