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How ZEE5’s Content Line-up Was A Game-Changer In 2020 The Year Of Lockdown

Vatsal Thakore

December 30, 2020

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During pandemic, people turned to the OTT platforms for entertainment and their expectations were high. ZEE5, in these harsh times, released some top-notch content across multiple languages and became a game-changer in the industry.

2020 sure was a tough year for the whole world. From personal lives under threat to the global economy crashing, the pandemic shook everything. It also hit the entertainment industry in a harsh way. A lot of shootings and productions of movies and shows were halted and delayed. People in these times turned the most to the OTT platforms and their expectations were high. ZEE5, in these harsh times, released some top-notch content across multiple languages and became a game-changer in the industry.

Under ZEE5 originals, we got some beautiful movies that taught us something about life. We got Darbaan, which showed where loyalty can take someone; Chintu ka Birthday, a very unique tale which told us how one’s family is the most beautiful thing for them. We got Comedy Couple, telling us that love finds a way and Mee Raqsam and Pareeksha which told the tales of a father’s love. And we had Yaara, talking about how friendship knows no bounds.

ZEE5 original movies like Ghoomketu and Atkan Chatkan, released in 2020, talk about never giving up on the dreams. The film Mee Raqsam also gave this message.

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ZEE5 also released the first-of-its-kind content, Taish, which can be watched as a movie or a series. This was something new for everyone. Pulkit Samrat and Harvardhan Rane’s performances were applauded and appreciated a lot for the film/series.

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In terms of series too, ZEE5 gave some groundbreaking content. It started with a trend #WomenOnTop, with series that were women-centric, and gave us Churails and Black Widows. These shows were about women who decided to take charge and deal with their issues in the most badass ways.

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Talking about women taking charge, we also got Kaali 2, which continued the story of Kaali fighting for a peaceful life with her son and defeating criminals in the process. Paoli Dam is all set to return to the role in Kaali 3, which is coming soon on ZEE5.

Under Ajay Devgn’s production, the crime thriller series LalBazaar released on ZEE5. The show is released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali.

In Telugu, we also got the show Shoot-out At Alair, which is based on the true story of a serial killer who used to kill cops. The show stars Prakash Raj, Teja, and Meka Srikanth in the lead roles.

Just like Shoot-out At Alair, we also had another show in 2020, that was based on true incidents – State of Siege: 26/11. Based on the fateful events of 26th November 2008, this series was released in March and attained huge success.

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A sports comedy film in Bengali language, titled Tiki-Taka, released on ZEE5 in September 2020. The film was also released separately in Hindi. It is directed by Parambrata Chattopadhyay, who also stars in it.

Ka Pe Ranasingam, a political drama, released on ZEE5 in October. It is a Tamil film, but it also got separate releases on ZEE5, in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. The film received a lot of critical acclaim and love.

In Telugu, we got the much loved comedy show, Amrutham Dhvitheeyam. It is the sequel to the all time favourite Telugu sitcom, Amrutham, from 2001. This sequel was a treat for the fans of the original show, in this tough time.

We also got this mind-blowing action thriller series, Loser. Revolving around the story of 3 sport players, this series also received a lot of love and success.

In crime thrillers, we also got series like Abhay 2, Rangbaaz Phirse, Bichhoo ka Khel, The Casino, Code M, Mafia, Mum Bhai, and Dark 7 White. These proved to be some of the most successful series for ZEE5 in 2020.

Bicchoo Ka khel
Source: ZEE5

We also had drama series on ZEE5, like Mentalhood, which marked Karishma Kapoor’s OTT debut, Bebakee, It Happened in Calcutta, Forbidden Love, and Never Kiss Your Best Friend.

One of the best series to release on the platform was the action thriller Naxalbari. Starring Rajeev Khandelwal, Shakti Anand, Amir Ali, and Sreejita De, Naxalbari is a show about an STF agent going on a mission to stop a Naxal uprising, which may cause a war.

Finally, as the series that may set a benchmark for the OTT platform, we got the period drama Paurashpur. Based on a fictional kingdom in 16th century India, this show is about a patriarchal kingdom, ruled by a misogynist king, and how the women take charge to retaliate against his tyranny. This is the first time a period drama on such a grand scale is released on an OTT platform.


ZEE5 is all set to entertain its audience with a lot more in 2021, starting with a thriller movie Nail Polish, which releases on the first day of the year.

For more stories about your favourite shows and movies, stay tuned to ZEE5.

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