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How Karan Jotwani As Neel In Qurbaan Hua Left A Mark With His Charming Performance

Simren Rodrigues

November 17, 2020

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Karan Jotwani as Neel in Qurbaan Hua has earned a special place in the hearts of the audience. Have a look at some of his most memorable moments.

The viewers of Qurbaan Hua were heartbroken after the news of Neel’s replacement in the show broke out. Neel originally played by Karan Jotwani will now be replaced by Rajveer Singh. Just when the spark of romance began to ignite between Chahat and Neel, the show took an ugly turn. Neel meets with a fatal accident at the factory. Everyone assumes he is dead, however, Chahat doesn’t lose hope. On the other hand, Aalekh speaks to Vyaasji about Chahat’s remarriage and offers to marry her instead. Here are 5 unforgettable moments of Karan Jotwani as Neel in Qurbaan Hua that will leave you in awe.

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Even though Neel has been rigid towards Chahat from the outside, his heart of gold never fails to impress her. Whether right or wrong, Neel has always stood up for Chahat and continues to support her at all times. Here are 5 instances where Neel left an unforgettable impression on his audience with his sweet and caring nature and a heart of gold.

  1. Neel’s special gift for Chahat

Even though it was a misunderstanding, the sweet gesture by Neel will never be forgotten. In this episode, Neel and Chahat get into an argument since Chahat was uncomfortable wearing the outfit he gifted her. In the end, Chahat wears the outfit to make Neel happy. But to his surprise, it wasn’t the saree he had selected. Later, looking at how uncomfortable Chahat felt, Neel took a saree and covered her.

2. Neel tells Ghazala that Chahat is not alone

After Chahat exposes Sunita, she is forced to harm Vyaasji and Neel’s entire family to meet her Baba. This puts Chahat in a fix as she has to choose between Vyaasji and her Baba. Later, when Neel reaches the hospital, Chahat takes the entire blame on herself. But Neel refuses to believe and tells her that he knows the truth. When Ghazala tries to warn Chahat about hurting her baba, Neel takes a stand for her and tells Ghazala that Chahat is not alone.

Qurbaan Hua
Source: ZEETV

3.  Neel saves Chahat from Aalekh 

Chahat’s true knight in shining armour, Neel, rescues her from the clutches of Aalekh. Chahat is determined to expose Naveli’s boyfriend, however, in the bargain, she finds herself in trouble as Aalekh tries to strangulate her. Neel reaches just in time to save her.

4. Neel tries to keep Chahat warm 

Neel feels bad for throwing Chahat out of the house, however, it was all part of his plan to expose Naveli’s boyfriend. He devises a plan and burns the photo frame outside and blames Chahat for everything. This was just to keep her warm.

5. Neel drapes saree for Chahat

Vyaasji tells the entire family to get ready for a photoshoot and tells Chahat to wear a saree. However, Chahat panics as she doesn’t know how to drape a saree. Later, she asks Naveli to help her. But because her eyes were shut, she misunderstands Neel for Naveli and asks him to help her. Neel drapes the saree perfectly and is mesmerised by Chahat.

qurbaan hua
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6. Neel helps Chahat complete the ritual

Chahat panics as Godamvari and Naveli reach there to ask her about the pooja. Neel notices this and instantly devises a plan to help her. He uses the excuse of planting fertilizers in the ground to help Chahat complete the ritual.

7. Neel destroys Chahat’s ID card

In an ugly turn of events, Ghazala plots to kill the entire family. She sends one of her men to Neel’s house for the pooja. Later, he uses a chemical gas as incense in the entire house and everyone collapses. However, Chahat is the only one safe in the room with Kripa. Ghazala’s man keeps Chahat’s ID card in Vyaasji’s hand to expose her identity. But Neel destroys it somehow to keep Chahat safe.

8. Neel dreams about Chahat

Chahat’s life is in danger when Aalekh tries to kill her. But Neel reaches there and saves her. When Chahat asks him how he knew she was in danger, Neel tells her that he dreamed about it. Later, the duo shares a romantic gaze.

Qurbaan Hua
Source: ZEE5

9. Neel’s quirky attempt to make Chahat smile

Neel notices that Chahat is upset and has not eaten anything. So he gets a packet of chips and cracks some joke that makes Chahat smile. Later, Neel feeds her the chips and is in awe of her smile.

10. Neel fills Chahat’s university form

Neel knows how important is it for Chahat to fill the university form. When he notices that she is busy, Neel goes ahead and completes Chahat’s registration. Later, after losing all hope, Chahat realises that Neel was the one who helped her. She thanks him for his sweet gesture.

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