His Storyy: 6 Reasons Why We Need Inspiring Women Like Sakshi In Our Society

Sakshi, played by Priyamani, deals with her problems quite sensitively and maturely. And we need some real-life women like Sakshi to break the norms of society.

No matter how society defines women, there’s no doubt that they are strong, sassy, and remarkably bold. And there are many real-life stories that have proved it every now and then. Saying so, many true stories have also affected the representation of women in cinema. And we love it! On similar lines, ZEE5 has treated us with many fictitious yet bold female characters that highlight the bold stories of women from all walks of life.  And its latest release His Storyy is no exception.

While the show has already received rave reviews for its sensitive take on same-sex love, the audience has also been inspired by the character of Sakshi played by Priyamani. His Storyy portrays Sakshi’s story as she deals with the truth of her husband Kunal’s sexuality. After being married for 20 years, their relationship crumbles down when Sakshi gets aware of Kunal’s love affair with Preet. What follows is Sakshi’s journey from being in dilemma to accepting reality.

And this has been the most inspiring and path-breaking aspect of the show. Sakshi’s character stands out as a perfect example for people dealing with the dilemma of their loved ones’ sexuality. She deals with it quite sensitively and maturely. And we need some real-life examples like Sakshi to break the norms of society.

So, here are 6 reasons why we need more women like Sakshi in our society.

Strong And Independent

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Right from the beginning of this episodic saga, we are given an inspiring insight into Sakshi’s life story. A renowned chef who has made a name for herself amid the food business. This gives a clear picture of Sakshi as a strong and independent personality. Her love for food and family makes her an inspiring woman. Though she had her problems, she continued on with her extraordinary journey.

Sakshi’s passion for her profession and her bold nature stands out as a highlight of her character. Even after she got aware of Kunal’s affair with Preet, she stood firmly by her family. She had her breakdowns but never gave up.

Accepting Her Flaws

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One of the most interesting scenes in His Storyy is when Saskhi confronts her friend Rafia with her husband’s hidden truth. And during this conversation she mentions how earlier she had supported an LGBTQ movement and now when she knows that her husband is one of them, she’s not ready to accept it. This scene proves how rightful Sakshi is. She did not draw back from accepting her flaws and was true to herself and others as well.

This is something we don’t often see in real life and hence we need more people like Sakshi who are ready to accept their flaws.

Being Selfless

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After being invested in 20 years of marriage only to find out that your husband was never into you will definitely leave one in a dilemma. Not many of them would have dared to accept the reality. Earlier, even Sakshi framed Kunal’s sexuality as his fantasy to save their failing marriage. However, when she realized her mistake, she accepted the truth and helped Kunal.

This selfless nature of Sakshi is what made her a fan-favourite character.

A Guiding Light For Her Husband

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After accepting her husband’s relationship with Preet, Sakshi and Kunal parted ways by filing a divorce. However, they always remained a family. And in this hardship-filled journey, Sakshi became a guiding light for Kunal. She even decided to host an engagement party for Kunal and Preet. That was the most moving scene of the show which will definitely inspire real-life scenarios.

Self-Perception Matters

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While most of the women in Sakshi’s case would have chosen the harsh path, she decided to help her husband in any way possible. Bound with societal stereotypes, even Kunal’s friend disapproved of his same-sex affair. However, it was Sakshi’s self-perception that made her choose the right way. She accepted Kunal and Preet’s relationship and also became a sweet cupid for them ahead in the story.

Differentiating The Right And Wrong

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Though she suffered from a dilemma, Sakshi was quite apt when it came to differentiating between right and wrong. From making her son Shivaay realize his mistakes to helping Preet with his problems, Sakshi guided everyone the right way. During the climax when Preet has second thoughts about his engagement with Kunal, it is Sakshi who stands with him. Well, nothing more was revealed but we would definitely see her finding a way out of this problem.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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