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Here’s Why We Love OTT’s New Trend Of Problematic-Yet-Inspiring Characters

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March 30, 2021

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While we were able to relate to their flawed side, it was their changed persona that made us believe more in ourselves.

We have always witnessed the fictional characters and their life stories as “larger than life” and “fascinating” ones. While we dreamt of living a story like theirs, somewhere down the line, we were well-aware of it being a fairytale and just a part of the writer’s creativity. However, over the years, the media changed and so did its representation. With slice-of-life storytelling, the new wave introduced us to many interesting stories and relatable characters that were problematic-yet-inspiring but what mattered was that we loved them immensely. Similarly, ZEE5’s cinematic universe has made me fall in love with some of its extraordinary characters.

We have developed an unexpected empathy towards these characters as they turned out to be a major source of our inspiration. While we were able to relate to their flawed side, it was their changed persona that made us believe more in ourselves. So, here’s taking a look at these inspiring on-screen personas who made us fall in love with them.

Devika Dwivedi from Dev DD 2

A still from Dev DD 2
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Devika Dwivedi and her bold persona is the soul of Dev DD franchise which happens to be an interesting cinematic version of classic Devdas. Here the female Devdas i.e., Devika’s character is flawed, careless, and also egoistic. On her journey to find true love, she misses the real essence of her life, caring less about her beloved family. 

At times she carries the pride of being the “modern kudi” but it is her bold andaaz that makes us fall in love with her even more. She knows very well to take a stand and fight against the wrong. The way she fights against social stereotypes including homophobia, sexism, etc. stands out as an inspiration for all the viewers. Her character will have more shades in the upcoming second season of Dev DD.

Pali from Taish

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In Bejoy Nambiar’s revenge saga Taish, Pali’s character carries a high-pitched rage that turns him violent on mere issues. He’s a criminal involved in gang wars, the shady business of the family, etc. Yet, he has another side where he deals with the guilt and also wishes to make a change in his life. 

Though we hate him at the beginning, the scene where we realize he too is a victim of family betrayals, we develop an unexpected empathy towards him. Also, when he goes against his family to save the innocent ones is where he steals everyone’s hearts.

Sara from LSD

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The medical thriller Love Scandal And Doctors treat us with many interesting characters. But the one who turns out to be a show-stealer is Dr. Sara. We fell in love with her right from the beginning of the first episode when she took Dr. Ishaan and his friend by charge. Though being an outsider in Delhi, she proved that she can fire back whenever needed.

Sara’s rude and arrogant behavior with others is the only flaw she has, but that too gets overlooked when we get aware of her past story and her struggles of dealing with a drug-addict mother. She never gave up and through her profession, Sara tried to change the things in society as a whole.

Siddharth from Nail Polish

A still from Nail Polish
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Siddharth Jaisingh plays an egoistic lawyer in the suspense thriller Nail Polish. He desires to be a politician just as an act to prove his worth to his dead father whom he hates more than anything. There’s almost nothing we love about Siddharth at the beginning of the film. However, when he takes up the mysterious case of Veer Singh, he realizes the “true side” of life which eventually brings a change of heart within him. Eventually, he gives up his political aspirations and tries his best to serve law and justice.

So, these were the characters who started off on the wrong track and ended up inspiring each one of us with their changed personas. Hence, we are completely in love with the new trend of problematic-yet-inspiring characters.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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