Harleen Sethi Of Broken But Beautiful Season 2: I Don’t Want To Take Life Seriously

In an exclusive interview, Harleen tells us all about her New Year resolutions, her career lineup in 2020, and what she wants to leave behind in 2019.

Aayushi Sharma

January 8, 2020


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It is an open secret that Harleen Sethi is an outstanding actor and a brilliant dancer. The ever charming starlet made her singing debut with Teri Hogaiyaan, a song from her recent release Broken But Beautiful Season 2. Without any formal training in music, Harleen managed to strike the right chord and impress her fans with her baritone. But not many might know that she is an extremely gifted writer. As the year 2019 draws to a close, we got in touch with Harleen to know all about the writer in her while also touching upon how she plans to bring in 2020 and the new year resolutions she has on mind. Read edited excerpts from our conversation below.

1. Acting, singing, dancing…what’s more that we don’t know of about you?

I write. I write poems. My family wants me to put it all together and publish a book. But sometimes you don’t want to put things out there. I like to let it be free flowing.

So can we expect to see you write for a project anytime soon?

I don’t know about writing a project. I just like to do everything for myself. If someone pays me for it, then why not?

2. You are ending 2019 with the phenomenal success of Broken But Beautiful Season 2. What’s next on cards?

It’s a project which I can’t openly talk about right now. There might be an announcement in January so the makers have asked me to stay tight-lipped right now and not show too much excitement. So yeah, the new year will hopefully start off with a bang!

3. So, is the actor in you satisfied?

I am more than satisfied to be honest. I am so happy to have started my journey with Broken But Beautiful, which is so well-written. I am so happy to have played a complex character like Sameera. I want my art to be personal and inspiring and Broken But Beautiful did that. I am grateful to people for giving me so much love and appreciation for what I do. They are always very supportive. It’s a very special feeling. I don’t have anything to complain.

4. What plans for New Year’s eve?

I am a traveler, so I am heading to Goa.

5. Doing away with the cliche, tell us about your new year resolutions.

Resolution for 2020 is that I really want to love myself. All women tend to prioritise other people, other things, everything outside of us. I really want to focus on myself and not take life so seriously. These two are the most basic things I want to focus on first.

6. Anything you don’t want to carry forward into 2020?

Actually, I want to carry forward everything. All the experiences I have had in life in this year have made me what I will be in 2020. So, I don’t want to leave anything behind.

7. If not for Broken But Beautiful, which role would you have wished to make your debut with?

If not for Broken But Beautiful, I’d have loved to play Shefali Shah Ma’am’s role in Delhi Crime. That was outstanding, I’d have loved to do that.

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