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Govinda Releases New Music Video; THIS Is How The Netizens Are Taking A Dig At The Actor


January 12, 2022

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Partner actor Govinda has released a new music video. The actor made netizens give mixed reviews about his song. Here’s everything read on to know more

Govinda used to be all the rage in the 1990s and early 2000s. He entertained a generation of fans with his upbeat dance numbers and comedic timing. In 1998, he released his own music album, ‘Govinda,’ which was well received by the public.

The singer, who recently added a new song to his discography, shared a sneak peek of the Hello music video on his Instagram account. The movie starts with its opening song, hello and as always he dances with his own dancing style wearing a white jacket and blue aviators. In the video, he is looking quite young in this song. The way he is dancing in the whole song is quite interesting keeping in mind his age. His fellow actress Nisha Sharma is also looking pretty gorgeous sporting a dark blue sequin gown.

In this song, we can see them both dancing in the green background of the garden and on amazing streets. The songs end with Govinda playing the piano and he is roaming around Nisha Sharma.

Recently, he announced the movie “Hello” on social media handles. He very excitedly said that he added one more song to his credit. He also added that my third song hello is released on his YouTube channel. Just check the link in the bio section. He ended his words by saying I hope you all will love it.

As a result, the comment section of Govinda’s post was filled with topsy-turvy reactions. Some people seemed to be very excited to watch his song. They are waiting for his debut. But, Some people didn’t like the way he is dancing and they boycotted him. Few added that it’s very embarrassing to watch you do all this. They said that Partner was the last movie in which you have acted promptly and we love it. After that, you need to be rest because it doesn’t look great seeing a big actor doing such type of dance and music. Some replied that you are going from bad to worse.

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Actually, it seems that people don’t hate Govinda as he is the love of Indian people but, his dance of the 90s doesn’t make any sense in today’s world. Nowadays people love hip-hop and western dancing style. It’s 2022 and people need something which is the latest.

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