Gattimela December 4 2019 Written Update: Amulya Refuses To Be Vedanth’s Girlfriend

On tonight’s episode, Vedanth asks Amulya to be his girlfriend, but the latter refuses the proposal. Read on to find out the reason


December 4, 2019

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In the previous episode, as Vedanth is being questioned if he likes someone, in particular, he blurts out that he has a girlfriend. To share the blame he tells his grandmother that he told Aadya about his girlfriend. But to his astonishment, when their granny asks Aadya about who the girl is, she takes Amulya’s name.

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Tension continues to  build between Amulya and Vedanth. Vedanth asks Amulya to meet him to talk about something important. Even before he can say anything, Amulya begins to rant about how it was wrong of him to send his grandmother to her house. As a defence mechanism, she says that the two of them can never be together and that she will never stoop down to his level and be with him. She also says that he will never be able to match up to her standards. Vedanth kneels down on his knee to ask her to be his girlfriend, which turns out to be a prank. However, on a serious note, he asks her to do him a favour and pretend to be his girlfriend. Having played that prank, Amulya refuses the favour and walks off.

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Meanwhile, Kanta and the other employee are complaining about their working hours and are trying to find a way out of it. When Amulya walks into the office, all of a sudden Kanta gets an idea of asking Amulya to request Vedanth for a holiday. But Amulya says that Vedanth will listen to no one but himself and talking to him will be a waste of time. As a solution, she uses his poster as a dart board and encourages the employees to throw darts at him to vent out their frustration.

Elsewhere, Vedanth’s grandma runs into Amulya’s mother on the road and tells her that she had visited her house the same morning but her mother doesn’t know the reason. Vedanth finds his employees and Amulya to be playing darts with his poster and calls Amulya to his cabin. He tells her that he won’t punish her but she must do what he expects her to.

Will Amulya accept and pretend to be Vedant’s girlfriend?


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