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Gattimela 24 May 2022 Written Update: Adithi cooks Dhruva’s favourite dish


May 27, 2022

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On learning about Dhruva’s favourite dish from Adya, the next morning Adithi cooks the same, leaving Parimala and Manjunath surprised by her interest in cooking.

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Vedanth decides to talk to Aarati about her strange behaviour with Amulya. Later, Amulya is surprised when Vedanth decides to teach her to drive a car.

In the next episode of  Gattimela, Amulya expresses her joy assuming that she has learned to drive a car. Furthermore, she gets annoyed when Vedanth asks her to change the car gears and asks him to buy her an automatic car as she is finding it difficult to change gears. Amulya then gets confused when Vedanth tells her about the handbrake. Vedanth is then surprised when Amulya parks the car correctly and then due to this Amulya starts bragging about herself. Meanwhile, Adithi asks Adya about what her family members like eating in order to find out what Dhruva likes to eat and cooks up a lie when Adya asks her about her sudden interest in everyone’s favourite dish. Later, Adya praises Adithi for her kind nature.

The next morning, Vedanth praises Amulya’s car driving skills in front of the family members. Aarati gets nervous when Amulya talks about taking her and Adya with her on a drive and she refuses to accompany Amulya. Amulya is surprised when Suhasini decides to accompany Amulya on the drive and urges Aarati to accompany Amulya too and Aarati reluctantly agrees to the same.

Elsewhere, Parimala is surprised on seeing Adithi cooking early in the morning and teases her about the same. Adithi lies to Parimala about her being a part of the drama club due to which she has learned to cook so that she can take tiffin. Meanwhile, Vedanth gets annoyed when his car breaks down and he flags down an auto, which turns out to be Manjunath’s auto. Manjunath hides his face from Vedanth. Elsewhere, Aarati gets nervous about Amulya’s driving skills and Amulya reassures her. Suhasini calls her goon and gives him a location for a meeting. Amulya then drives Suhasini and Aarati to the temple and Aarati praises Amulya for her smooth driving. While Amulya parks the car, Suhasini meets her goon and gives him a task.

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