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Gattimela 2 June 2022 Upcoming Story: Amulya completes the votive offering


June 1, 2022

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On Parimala’s behalf, Amulya walks around the temple, on her knees, for 108 rounds and completes the votive offering decided by Parimala for Aarati’s wellbeing.

In the latest episode of Gattimela, Amulya completes 108 rounds of walking on her knees around the temple. When her legs wobble on standing up, Vedanth rushes to her and offers his support. He praises Amulya for her actions and promises to always be there for her. The temple’s priest gives Amulya the ‘prasad’ after she completes the votive offering and asks her to prepare a sweet dish and offer it to Aarati. Later, Amulya and the others feel relieved when the priest states that Aarati’s child will remain safe.

In the previous episode, we saw Amulya begin the votive offering of walking on her knees around the temple for 108 rounds on behalf of Parimala. Vedanth’s concern for Amulya delights Parimala. Vedanth struggles on watching Amulya perform the task and he, along with Vikrant, decides to perform a task for Aarati and her child’s wellbeing. Adithi is surprised on seeing Vedanth and Vikrant sweeping around the temple.

At home, Aarati gets emotional when she learns about Amulya performing the votive offering and Vaidehi offers to take her to the temple. Suhasini berates Vaidehi for making decisions without consulting her and insults her.

We also saw Vaijayanti recall her deceased daughter on hearing the familiar tune that Vaidehi hums. Vaijayanti expresses her suspicions about Vaidehi and urges her to speak the truth. Moved by Vaijayanti’s emotional words, Vaidehi decides to tell her the truth about her identity.

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