Gattimela 07 July 2021 Written Update: Amulya questions Vedanth about Dhruva

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July 7, 2021


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In the previous episode of Gattimela, understanding Amulya’s attempts to irritate him, Vedanth lovingly feeds her Gulab Jamun. When Amulya gets irritated by his indifferent behaviour, he carries her in his arms.

In the next episode of Gattimela, Amulya grumbles and curses her bike when it breaks down. She feels upset about having refused the lift offered by Vedanth. Furthermore, she is surprised when she comes across Vedanth in the middle of the road. He tells her that he saw her bike breaking down near the office. Amulya argues about it with Vedanth for not coming to help her before. Later, he apologises to her for irritating her.

Adya calls Dhruva and rebukes him. She questions him coming to Vedanth’s engagement but leaving without meeting anyone. Adya asks Dhruva to return home, but he shares his doubts with her. Suhasini overhears Adya’s conversation and asks her who she was talking to. Adya requests Suhasini to convince Vedanth to let Dhruva return home, but Suhasini makes excuses not to do so. Later, Suhasini vows to never let Dhruva return home as long as she lives.

Vikrant and Sarthak wonder who Kanta keeps talking to over the phone the whole day. They give him a task and when he leaves his phone behind they decide to check it. While they were doing so, they receive a girl’s call on Kanta’s phone and tell her that Kanta has gone out to meet his girlfriend. Elsewhere, Amulya tells Vedanth about her bike’s history. Furthermore, she tells him about society’s view of a woman. At that moment, a bicycle rider crashes into her and she starts rebuking him. Amulya rebukes Vedanth when he supports the bicycle rider. Amulya sees Dhruva and calls out to him. He steps forward to meet her but retraces his steps when he notices Vedanth with Amulya. Later, Amulya tells Vedanth about the same and questions him if he will ever forgive Dhruva, but Vedanth refuses to talk about him.

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