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From TVF’s Jeetu To Bollywood’s Aspiring Actor, The Rise And Rise Of Jeetendra Kumar In Web Space

Vatsal Thakore

June 14, 2021

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Jitendra Kumar, urf Jeetu from TVF, has come a long from teaching his dad how to access Twitter to tackling his homophobia.

Jitendra Kumar, urf Jeetu, has become a youth icon. From being a star of TVF’s earliest sketches to starring in lead roles in Bollywood films, Jitendra Kumar has come a long way. And in this long journey, he has earned a huge fanbase. Take a look at his entire journey, how he became a YouTube star with TVF, and later, a nationwide figure.

Like other founding members of TVF, Jitendra Kumar was also a student of IIT Kharagpur, where he was studying civil engineering. When he was a part of the dramatics society of the institute, he was approached by one of the founding members, Biswapati Sarkar, to join TVF, which he did. With TVF, he began acting in comic sketches, his earliest one being ‘Q-tiya Intern.’ With that sketch, he became well-known as Munna Jazbaati, the character that he played in the sketch.

He then starred in multiple TVF sketches, and in most of those, his character was named after his nickname, Jeetu. His most popular sketch series with TVF, as Jeetu, is Tech Conversations With Dad. In the series, actor Gajraj Rao stars as his father. Both Jitendra Kumar and Gajraj Rao gained a lot of love for their roles in this series – so much, that they ran the sketch series for episodes that explored conversation between the pair beyond just tech conversations.

Source: TVF

The first-ever episode of the Tech Conversations with Dad was about Jeetu teaching his father to use Twitter. This episode gave him the tag of Jeetu, which has lasted till now. Jeetu also starred in the web series Permanent Roommates Season 1, and even though his role was only for one episode, it became a memorable one. Also, he starred as one of the leads in TVF Pitchers, and yet again, his character was named Jeetu, which went on to become the audience’s favourite character.

Source: TVF Instagram

Jitendra Kumar has done different kinds of roles in his journey in TVF and has fit in all of his roles very flawlessly. Whether it was a funny role or an inspiring one, Jitendra came out as a star in all of those. Jitendra also became a Bollywood star when he starred as a lead actor in the films Gone Kesh, Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (where Gajraj Rao again played the role of his father), Shuruaat Ka Interval, and Chaman Bahaar.

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Today, Jitendra Kumar has become such a personality with his acting skills and his performances which connected so well with all of his audience, that whenever TVF releases a new video, people build hopes of getting to see their Jeetu Bhaiya playing a role in it.

Catch all the episodes of Jeetu conversing with his dad, in TVF’s Tech Conversation with Dad on ZEE5. You can also watch other web series starring Jitendra Kumar, like TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates as they will soon start streaming on ZEE5.

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