From Raghav In Naxalbari To Anamika In Forbidden Love: 3 ‘Flawed’ Characters Who Had A Realistic Approach Towards Love And Relationships

Here’s taking a look at our favourite characters and how they are keeping it real when it comes to love and relationships.

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December 10, 2020


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Entering the world of our favourite TV/movie characters is something that we really love. There’s nothing quite interesting than experiencing the world of entertainment and its uncertainty through the eyes of others. And while the series may receive positive or negative reactions, the lead stars or characters, in fact, can be more impactful. 

Writers these days are more keen on penning real characters, taking inspiration from the ones that we come across in real lives. They are focused on creating more relatable characters in order to make them likeable. As viewers, we learn a lot from these fictional characters. While they can be flawed, their take on love and relationships often strikes a chord with us. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at our favourite ‘flawed’ characters and their ‘real’ outlook when it comes to dealing with love & relationship.

Raghav in Naxalbari

A still from Naxalbari
Source: Zee5

Naxalbari being a political thriller dealt with the relationships between three major sections of society. However, the characters set against the Naxalite movement also had to tackle their personal problems. The characters were written so well that viewers could easily relate to them. Raghav (Rajeev Khandelwal) an STF agent was in a live-in relationship with Ketki (Tina Datta) and their modern outlook towards their relationship made a strong statement altogether.

Anamika in Forbidden Love

A still from Forbidden Love
Source: Zee5

Forbidden Love had a fresh take on relationships and maintaining them. And the second segment of the series gave us a strong female character in Anamika and her perspective on complex relationships. Anamika as a character was a hardworking housewife and a responsible mother. And her bold decision of getting into a relationship with a young boy changed her way of looking at life and ultimately had an effect on ours.

Rohan Kalra in Taish

A still from Taish
Source: Zee5

Taish was all about relationships and vengeance. It played an important part in essaying the complex relationships between the characters in a family. The movie revolved around love, sacrifice, and traumas. Out of all the characters we were completely in awe of Rohan Kalra (Jim Sarbh). He was the mature one and his outlook on the problems was quite efficient and honest. Rohan stole the show when he got into a heated argument with his father to express his love for Aarfa.

These charming personalities proved helped us get a new approach towards our life, love and relationships.

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