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From Magic To Evil, Here Are 5 Tarot Card Myths That You Must Clarify


May 3, 2020

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Let’s talk about a couple of unsubstantiated tarot myths that need busting!

High Priestess, starring Amala Akkineni and Kishore Kumar in lead roles, is an 8-episode web series that ventures into the territory of the unknown – a world of tarot reading and psychic abilities. We totally loved the series as it had all the elements right from romance, emotions, drama to occasional jump scare in every episode. As Amala’s web series talks about tarot reading, let’s discuss various myths that are attributed to tarot reading. There are a couple of unsubstantiated tarot myths that need busting.

Watch The Final Episode Of High Priestess Here: 

While many of you are interested in knowing about your past, present and future for some reassurance in your lives, others would say that one shouldn’t let this foolishness of a card trick you. However, we are not here to debate if this method really predicts the future or it is just another way to take you on a ride. We are here to debunk a few tarot myths.

Here are five myths about the tarot card you must clarify:

Need to be psychic to read tarot cards?

No, you don’t have to be. All you need to do is listen to your intuition. Each one of us is intuitive, however, most of us refuse to hear our inner voice. But if you are gifted with ‘sight’ and have the willingness to learn and understand several different symbols, then having a deck of cards is what you need. Don’t you dare let the myth turn you away from tarot reading!

Are tarot cards the work of the devil?

We must break it to you, this myth, too, remains untrue. True, tarot cards are always linked to the occult. However, the term ‘occult’ is just as misunderstood as tarot readings. These cards are nowhere associated with black magic or dark things or evil. It’s only the intuition, experience, practice and the psychic abilities that make one predict the possibilities.

So, are they magic?

Who does not want to witness magic? All of us want to switch off the logic button and wish for some magic to happen to bail us out of a situation or get something that we had always desired for. However, those who think tarot cards are going to do some miracle in their lives, then they are highly mistaken. Tarot cards are just a way to connect with one’s higher self. So, if it predicts the future, it does not mean it is infused with some kind of magic but only a form of divination.

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They predict the future accurately? 

What is the fun of living this life if you are already told about what lies ahead of you? Everyone wants a perfect life but have you imagined having one? A perfect life could just be boring as hell. Also, the myth that tarot cards predict one’s future accurately is absolutely untrue. The predictions can always be altered unless you are someone who sits in one corner and expect your life to turn out amazing without working for it. In that case, anyone could predict your future with zero training of reading cards.

Always understand that our future lies in our hands and it is what we make of it; They are meant to be changed often. Nothing, like not even a deck of cards, can determine how your future will turn out.

Do reversed cards mean ‘something bad’s going to happen’? 

For the unversed, reversed cards are when you shuffle a deck and some of the cards in a tarot spread end up being upside down. Well, in such cases, it does not have to be necessarily bad. Even the experts have clarified that reversed cards do not represent negative outcomes always but can mean a lot of other things. Reversed cards have different meanings other than just having repercussions.

Coming back to High Priestess, Amala and Kishore’s series revolves around Swathi Reddy, a tarot card reader and psychic, who deals with peculiar cases and clients that make her experience the supernatural powers around her. More information about her character and capabilities are revealed slowly. It is a 2019 thriller ZEE5 Original can be streamed on the platform for free.

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