Paoli Dam: From Hate Story, Kaali To Raat Baaki Hai, Witness Bong Beauty’s On-Screen Evolution

From Hate Story’s Kavya to Raat Baaki Hai’s Vasuki and Kaali in between, Paoli Dam portrays all her characters with utmost dedication.

The beautiful Paoli Dam is all set for the premiere of Raat Baaki Hai, her upcoming film on ZEE5. The actress has always stunned the audience with her incredible performance in each and every film she does. In fact, Paoli has only grown over the years while enhancing her skillset. With her ZEE5 Original film, releasing on 16th April, let’s take a look at her on-screen evolution over the years.

Check out the trailer of Raat Baaki Hai here:

Hate Story

Paoli has worked in many movies in the Bengali film industry right from her debut in 2006. Although her big break came in the year 2012 with Vivek Agnihotri’S erotic thriller titled, Hate Story. Paoli played the role of journalist Kavya Krishna who gets entangled in the world of the ruthless business tycoon, Siddharth Dhanrajgir.

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Siddharth who uses Kavya as an act of revenge for a sting operation done on him by the latter gets the shock of his life when Kavya returns much stronger and much more determined than before. Paoli beautifully essays the character of a bold and fearless Kavya while also highlighting the pain she went through. Her performance was highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike.

Paoli Dam in Hate Story
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Paoli had her digital debut with the ZEE5 Original web series, Kaali. She portrays the role of a helpless mother who is willing to go to any lengths to save her dying child’s life. When her son, Sunny, meets with an accident, Kaali is left helpless as she needs to gather Rs 6 Lakhs within 12 hours. In an attempt to earn quick money she enters the drug world and ends up getting drawn into their web. Although she’s an amateur, Kaali always stays a step ahead of both, the drug lords as well as the cops. Paoli depicted the plight of a mother brilliantly in this show.

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Paoli Dam in Kaali
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Raat Baaki Hai

Paoli’s recent release, Raat Baaki Hai, starring Annup Sonii, Rahul Dev and Dipannita Sharma, is one of her most awaited film projects. The story of the film revolves around a murder investigation and the reunion of two estranged lovers, Kartik and Vasuki. Paoli plays the role of the demure Vasuki who was Kartik’s lover once.

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After he left her to pursue his writing career, Vasuki gets married to an older, rich man. However, she never really finds true happiness in her life. That’s until Kartik returns in her life after a span of 12 years. She finds solace in his company while giving him the comfort he desires.

Paoli Dam in Raat Baaki Hai
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As you wait for Raat Baaki Hai, catch Paoli Dam’s spectacular performance in Kaali exclusively on ZEE5.

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