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Friends: The Reunion Review | The One Where It Makes Us Emotional And Joyous At The Same Time

Vatsal Thakore

May 27, 2021

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The Friends Reunion is finally here, and it is everything that it promised to be, plus a lot more! We watched the special episode on ZEE5, you can watch it too with an annual subscription of Rs 499.

Friends: The Reunion, the most awaited reunion special episode is finally here, after years of yearning from its fans, it’s safe to say, Friends Reunion Special exceeds all the expectations that it had set. Not only does it fulfil all the wishes that the fans might have set for it, but also takes them on an exciting ride of nostalgia. Read on to know our Friends Reunion review.

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The Friends Reunion Special begins with an intro text that says that the six main actors have been in a room together after the finale, only once before. Then, the last scene of the sitcom plays, where they leave Monica’s empty apartment to go and have coffee together. And ‘17 Years Later,’ a shot of David Schwimmer silently walking into the sets is presented.

That scene is so powerful, it will immediately strike a chord in your heart. David takes his time in exploring the three main sets – Monica’s apartment, Joey and Chandler’s apartment, and Central Perk – the coffee shop while reminiscing the old times. Next comes Lisa Kudrow, and the two are really emotional to meet again. Then comes Jennifer Anniston, who breaks into tears right as she walks into the set. Then comes Matt LeBlanc, who is cheered to see his friends there, and is also reminiscing about some BTS scenes from the sets. Next is Courtney Cox, who also has an emotional moment and finally comes Matthew Perry, who is welcomed by Jennifer Anniston in the most iconic way, as she says, “Could you be any later?” This entire footage gives goosebumps while it plays out.

Just after the friends are talking and just taking it all in, the set, the meeting, and the truth of this happening, the theme song begins – and if you are connected to the sitcom, or have been before, trust me, you will also break into tears when the music begins. The video of the theme is edited with footage from the first version of the song and the clips from the reunion.

After this, the friends are invited to a chat with the live audience, hosted by James Corden. They are all seated in front of the iconic fountain. Later, the makers of the show, David Crane, Marta Kaufmann, and Kevin Bright talk about how they got the idea of the show and how it came into being.

Source: ZEE5

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We also get to see what arguably is the most fun part of this special episode – the friends recreating some iconic scenes, one of them being the quiz, but this time with new questions that the actors are answering about the episodes of Friends. We also get to see their table reads, when they read some of the funniest episodes from the show.

Besides them discussing all about the show, we also get to see a lot of people from all around the world, sharing what Friends, the sitcom meant to them. A lot of guest stars like Mindy Kaling, Kit Harrington, Malala Yousufzai, and David Beckham also appear who share their favourite moments and episodes from the show.

Right from this first scene, you will find yourself invested in this special episode, and become connected to it as you could connect to the sitcom. The real friendship and connection between the actors are clearly visible and it just gives a great feeling, seeing our favourite friends bonding in real life.

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The table read scenes of the cast, when they read some of their episodes, were totally hilarious and took us deeper into nostalgia. Overall, it was truly nostalgic, emotional, and at the same time, equally joyful to watch this lovely reunion play out. The chemistry between the six main cast members is still as lively and charming as ever, and that was clearly visible. Seeing them connect organically, without a script, and in all their honesty made the reunion truly entertaining. This is probably the first time since the last episode of Friends aired, that these six actors have appeared together on screen again, and to be honest, the magic is still alive when they get together.

Coming to the performances, it was also entertaining to watch the fashion show, where Justin Beiber came as Ross’ Spud-nik, Cara Delevingne came as his Holiday Armadillo (and also in Rachel’s pink bridesmaid dress), and Cindy Crawford donned his leather pants look.

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The segment with host James Corden, where he discussed the casting process and the experience of the actors, was also fun to watch. However, the overall show-stealer was definitely the unscripted moments between the six actors.

If you are a Friends fan and have been feeling anxious about how the Friends Reunion Special will be, and if it will live up to your expectations, worry not! You will most definitely enjoy watching the Friends Reunion, and this will be an experience that you will remember forever. Not only will it awaken the nostalgia, but it will also take you on a fun and joyous ride like never before. So wait no longer, tune in and watch the Friends Reunion on ZEE5.

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