Forbidden Love: Here’s How This Sleeper Hit Anthology Can Be Crafted Into Spine-Chilling Sequels

Read our take on some interesting concepts and elements which can shape up as a prequel/sequel to this interesting anthology.

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December 30, 2020


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Writing a story processes through various drafts with different versions altogether, and the one which makes up the screen is the final draft which is essentially meant to draw the viewers into the story from the perspective of the characters present. And this version gives viewers the freedom to have their own interpretation of the story. Zee5’s original anthology series ‘Forbidden Love’ feels equally strong and mysterious to the version we create in our minds.

The anthology captures four love stories that are labelled as “Forbidden” by society. And out of these four stories, we are completely in awe of the first three segments as these stories give us the freedom to view and map these characters in a series of events which can be crafted as a prequel or a sequel with keeping the central theme alive in the show. So here’s taking a look at these concepts juxtaposed with new elements:


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The first segment of Forbidden Love, ‘The Arranged Marriage’ revolves around a homosexual couple Dev (Ali Fazal) and Neil (Omkar Kapoor), and how their relationship takes a complicated turn when Neil is forced by his family to get married. Well, not going further here, let’s get back at how a prequel can be crafted for this story.

Most of the LGBT Indian films/shows fail to essay the characters confronting their true identity. In here, Dev and Neil’s character can be set in a prequel where the viewers can get an idea of how these characters mirrored their true-self and overcame the battle with their conscious minds. After detailing these characters, we’ll get to know how the ‘story of Dev and Neil’ actually began. So, this prequel will be more of a heartwarming tale.

A Revenge Saga

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The second segment ‘Anamika’ was mainly based on infidelity but with a solid twist at the end. Well to be honest this segment made me recall Sriram Raghavan’s ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ which also went on to be an inspiration for the revenge saga of Anamika. In the sequel, we can see Anamika (Pooja Kumar) transformed from an innocent housewife to a lady who is thirsty for revenge. In the storyline further, she’ll track down Ishaan (Aditya Seal) and will try to expose his mysterious plans. So, this sequel will mostly be a revenge drama laden with mysteries.

The ‘Expert’ Mode

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The third segment ‘Rules Of Game’ was multilayered with unexpected twists and is the best one in the series (according to me). We witness the ‘abuse of power’ by a female protagonist played by Aahana Kumra who traps her husband into police custody. Aahana’s character is obsessed with games be it on mobile or on the streets of Mumbai where she gambles around. In the sequel, her obsession can cross with an equally powerful master of games where she herself ends up in multiple traps. The sequel can play with the edgy desires of the character leading them into a twisted situation. Overall, The Expert Mode will be full of twists and thrills.

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