Father’s Day 2020: Learn 3 Easy Dessert Recipes For Dads With A Sweet Tooth

Surprise your father with desserts like Ravai Gulab Jamun, Shahi Tukda and Palapazha Paayasam. Scroll down to know more!


June 18, 2020


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On June 21, 2020 (Sunday), it is Father’s Day and the best gift you could give them this year would be your time and thoughtfulness. But with lockdown in place, it’s impossible to make dinner or movie plans. Also, ordering meals from outside is risky as we can’t completely trust these food outlets about their hygiene maintenance. So, you can surprise your father with desserts, prepared by you. Isn’t it an amazing idea?

As we know, from children to adults, everyone craves sweet treats after food. And if your dad has a sweet tooth too, then there is nothing better that you could do for him this Father’s Day. So, learn these easy-to-make dessert recipes and turn this father’s day into a celebration at home.

Check out these tasty recipes and get down to business:

Ravai Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is an immensely sought after dish in most Indian festivals and occasions, and this Father’s Day you can try making them for your dads.

  • In a large frying pan heat 2 tbsp ghee, add 3 cup milk, 2 tbsp milk powder and 2 tbsp sugar. Stir them keeping the flame on low.
  • Later, add 1 cup fine Ravai and keep stirring it until the Ravai absorbs all the milk.
  • Now cool the mixture and then knead it for at least 2 minutes, until the dough is smooth and soft.
  • And when the dough is still warm, make small ball sized dough and fry the Jamuns in a frying pan and your Gulab Jamun is ready!

Shahi Tukda


Shahi Tukda, which is royal dessert straight from the culinary utopia of Hyderabad, is one of the easiest dessert preparation.

  • Grind almonds, cashew nuts and cardamom. Then boil sugar in a wide pot on a low flame until the milk reduces to half.
  • You can then add sugar, saffron, and the ground items and let it boil for another 5 minutes. Your Rabri is ready.
  • Meanwhile, take four bread slices, remove the brown edges and cut the bread diagonally.
  • Now, on a low flame, deep fry the slices of bread evenly till they turn golden and crispy.
  • Then you can dip them in sugar syrup and Rabri; there you have your Shahi Tukda.

Palapazha Paayasam


It’s very easy to prepare a traditional dessert – Palapazha Payasam.

  • Take a pan, heat 2 tbsp of ghee and roast cashew nuts until it turns golden.
  • Transfer it to a bowl and keep aside.
  • Then, fry raisins in the same ghee until it bloats and set aside. In the same pan, add some more ghee and sautee the chopped jackfruit in medium or low flame (for like 2 minutes) until it becomes soft.
  • Add the pureed jackfruit in the pan along with jaggery powder roasted cashews and raisins, and cook for about 10 minutes.
  • You can use the pulp of the jackfruit. Now cook till the mixture is thickened.
  • Add coconut milk along with cardamom powder and stir it continuously.
  • Let it boil for long after coconut milk is added as it will start to separate.

We hope these recipes would impress your dads on this occasion. Tell us how you celebrated Father’s Day in the comment section below. Stay tuned!

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