Fashion Friday: Didi No. 1 host Rachna Banerjee shines in these gorgeous sarees!

Check out these beautiful sarees worn by the stylish actor and presenter of Didi No. 1


October 2, 2020


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Actor Rachna Banerjee, who hosts the popular reality gameshow Didi No. 1, is a very classy lady! She is famous for her graceful and sophisticated style, and the way she presents herself. Here are some looks by Rachna Banerjee where she dons these beautiful sarees, and you need to have a look right now!

Watch an episode from Didi No. 1 below:

Beauty in blue

Rachna Banerjee
Source: ZEE5

Rachna Banerjee looks incredibly elegant in this bright blue saree with white prints worn over a pretty white blouse. She carries herself with admirable grace too! The white jewellery– earring, bangles and necklace– complement the look. We love how she has put up her hair in such a neat coiffure too!

Dazzling damsel

Rachna Banerjee
Source: ZEE5

Rachna Banerjee looks absolutely gorgeous in this pale gold saree with a delicate floral pattern, worn with a plain orange blouse for contrast. Gold truly is her colour, and she shines brilliantly in it! Embellish this look with gold jewellery, and leave your tresses loose, just like Rachna Banerjee.

Fashion at its finest

Rachna Banerjee
Source: ZEE5

See how glamorous Rachna Banerjee looks in this stunning blue saree with gold borders and patterns! She is the picture of effortless poise here. Take a page out of her book and complete this look with matching gold and white earrings, a few bangles, and a necklace– just the way she has.

Red and green

Rachna Banerjee
Source: ZEE5

Rachna Banerjee is pictured in this photo with the one and only Usha Uthup. She is wearing a red and orange printed saree with a dark green blouse with long sleeves, and both of them look so gloriously vibrant in these bright hues! We love how both their styles complement each other in this special episode from Didi No. 1.

Which of these looks by Rachna Banerjee in a saree did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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