EXCLUSIVE: ZEE HEROES Go Aerial To Collect Some Thai Silk Flags And Win Special Powers

Sneha Bale

October 25, 2019


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The task


After indulging in a rather fun task last week, the stakes have gone higher this week once again. Now, the Zee Heroes have to play, not only to win the show but also to survive in the show. The task at hand is to cross over from point A to point B and collect the Thai Silk flags along the way.

Watch the previous episode here:

The rounds


Two members from each team will be performing the task simultaneously. First, from Team Ashva were Akarsh and Srishti while Samrat and Milind went from Team Gaja. In round two, Tejaswi and Ram Prasad went from Team Ashva and Sunandha and Vidyullekha joined them from Team Gaja.

The difficulty


Once again, host Lakshmi Manchu has lent a personal touch to add some kick to this task. The contestants will be hanging mid-air to complete the task. A horizontal square, which is divided by a truss, is suspended high above in the sky. This aerial square serves as the playground for the contestant’s task.

The winner


There’s not much for us to say, until the episode airs. But all our little birdies tell us is that the winning team has seen a journey from being underdogs to be the champs. Not to mention, the special power this week was also given to two well-deserved and unexpected contestants.

The eliminations


This week will be the round 3 of eliminations in Zee Heroes. Once again, two well-deserving and kickass heroes have to say goodbye and move out of the show.

Stay tuned to know what happens to who and who wins the battle this week, only on ZEE5 on October 27, before TV. For more entertainment, binge-watch the latest revenge saga, ZEE5 Original Gods Of Dharmapuri.

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