EXCLUSIVE: It’s About Balancing & The Numbers To Stay In The Semi-Final Of ZEE Heroes

Sneha Bale

November 15, 2019


1 min

The task


Weeks after weeks have passed and finally, victory is two episodes away for the Zee Heroes. After overcoming the fear and dreadedness of coffins and creepy animals, the contestants are out in the open again. This week, in the semi-final round, the contestants have to match the Thai numerals in alignment to its Roman counterpart.

The difficulty


With the finale approaching closer, there is no way that the host, Lakshmi Manchu, will let go of the Heroes easily. This time, too, the contestants will be harnessed and are required to walk/run over cars that are already in motion. They have to balance themselves while also completing the task quickest.

Plan of action


The semi-finalists, Ram Prasad, Tejaswi, Srishti and Milind, will be divided into pairs and they will compete against each other. Ram Prasad and Tejaswi, Srishti and Milind compete against each other. The contestants will be given 10 seconds to memorise the Roman counterparts to the Thai numbers. The task starts on a truck that has Thai numbers. They have to travel to the end truck by walking/running/crawling over two moving cars to get to the second truck – where they have to align these numbers.

The catch


The contestants have too many things to juggle with, at once. While balancing themselves is a task in itself, they also have to carry to numerals at the same time. Apart from this, during every round, the contestants will end up being at the same place at the same time. This makes their move more time consuming and dangerous to tackle.

The final step


In the semi-finals, not but two contestants will bid goodbye to victory. It must be extremely difficult for the players to leave the game at this point. But as they say, the show must go on.

Who do you think has made their way closer to victory? Let us know below. You can check out Gods Of Dharmapuri for a binge-watch session on ZEE5.

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